Saturday, 11 August 2018

The beauty of ugliness

How does it feel living in a society where the good has become bad, common sense very rare and honesty an expensive attribute?

Our country is being controlled by pests who pretend to be leaders, security officers and men of God. What annoys the most is that the whole nation knows about it but no one speaks about it because it has become a norm. A bug one would say that is sucking on a defenseless host.

The Kenya police service has been doing commendable job on the nation, but at the same time oppressing the weak and timid with blackmail and fear. Most people would do anything to avoid this people. Who seem to be coming up with new ways of "stealing" from civilian citizens. Their uncouth behavior is surely a reflection of a sad pathetic and disappointed life failures, which in most cases are self caused.

Would it be true to say that witchcraft is one of the reasons one would join the service? Or the ambition of being superior to others and belittling them for one's toughness? I would definitely agree with the few parents who disown their kids once they sign up. Any sensible person would think thrice before becoming a member of our security forces, unless he lacks ideals, a sense of belonging and a poor education.

There is definitely an exception, of a few men who act more mature than their egos.
The simple act of blackmailing someone or demanding for bribe, with everything right and not affecting the law, is a good sign of an egocentric, mean and inferiority complex-suffering fellow who can not offer any input to the society. The acts of crime will forever exist and the law will never bring any justice to man from the government to any private entity.
The curses that follow such people will always be witnessed in their sad lives, their poor performing children in schools, their broken homes and their high rates of alcohol consumption and drug abuse.

It sucks being Kenyan...

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Dear Mr. Pr3sident...

Dear Mr. President,

It’s an honor to write this epistle to the head of state of a country so far admired by many but despised by its own people.

With great pain, I greet you.

As far as life goes, am fine and content with the little I have. You have no idea how it is being a citizen of no status as you have never ever been in such a state before, considering your lavish and flamboyant lifestyle. I am writing in regards to the observed state of affairs of a country you run, with little to no wisdom.

It is clear that by far, corruption and personal accumulation of wealth is what drives you. By setting up people in favor of you in critical positions, you acquire strength enough to do whatever you wish for without any challenges. All this can be observed in the armed forces, in the finance ministry, in the revenue authority and in the judiciary, which are all key elements in any government. I can barely do nothing but speak my mind to the nation, hoping to pass a message to the masses, with a prayer in mind that they may have wisdom and understanding to see the reality.

I am deeply saddened by your support to imperialism to other nations which have nothing to do with our affairs. As far as security is concerned, it is their duty to protect our people and not ‘colonize’ others in the name of protecting our interests. It’s only a mad man who goes to fight in his neighbor’s house. Furthermore, your country is in turmoil as you cannot provide enough security for your own people, though we both know that you did it for the money provided by the same body which preaches peace. It would be a good idea to be honest to their families and those aspiring to join the armed forces and let them know that war is nothing but a continuation of politics with personal interests using wits.

Your nation is also facing famine, tribal rifts, uprising militias and much more that I cannot mention in length. All these require you to act upon directly and show a sign of concern, but the masses have very little faith in you and most find you to be a man of no stand. Despite the fact that those who put you in power want you to do everything in accordance to their plans, you should try and be a gentleman once in a while. It shows you are of great principles.

As a youth, we are also facing out challenges of unemployment. Despite my great academic record and an outstanding record in school, I am yet to find something to do. I have several business ideas but all require capital. All schemes initiated by the government you work with are tribal based and most of us are left out. Personally, I am tempted to join Al Shabaab, with the latest offer by Al Qaeda for my skills. If it was my wish, I would either select Al Qaeda, IS, Boko Haram or the Taliban, and come back to your country and cause great destruction both to civilians and the forces, but I still give you an opportunity to change, hoping it will not lead to that someday. I am not crazy, I am very disappointed by the way your security forces recruit people with passion in serving their country, which leads me to think of an alternative place for adventure.

Your leadership is also one that’s wanting. Apparently, your resume shows you are a learned man and a business man, but you are not a leader. Exceling in business is one thing, leading a country is another. So far, you have tried without any signs of disapproval. That, however, does not guarantee that people like you. I do not like you because you have no signs of even being my dad. I would’ve hated it if I knew you were my father. Anyway, you could try reading leadership books written by philosophers and also learn more from religious figures. You are completely green.

Your government is running like a public school, with notorious bullies all over in blue, thieves at the tower, liars in the main hall meeting every often, watchmen killing and raping other students and religious leaders scared to speak what the good Lord offered them to preach. Their numbers is sinking your country in debts and making ordinary citizens to pay for all your selfish lifestyles. Would it be wonderful if you tried for one year, to run your country with a few principles borrowed from the likes of Jose Mujica? Though am not sure if any of your staff will be willing to live under such circumstances.

I have so much in store but I bet your busy schedule will never allow you to recall everything that is said. I therefore wish you a nice day and hope that by next time, you’ll have changed a few issues at hand. That’s how children learn in school.

Thank you for giving me an ear today, tomorrow remains a day to talk more.

Yours Sincerely,
A young citizen

Fate of the Chinese Standard Gauge Railway

 A few years ago, the government contracted the Chinese people for support to build a nation. They were awarded tenders to construct and develop the standard gauge railway as well as our poor road network, alongside other private investments such as malls and other covert investments inclusive of black market networks of drugs and arms supply the masses are not aware of.

Then, everything changed.

A good road network is a great improvement in a third world country but a railway network is a spark that may either tear a whole nation or build it.

Popularly known as the SGR, this railway network was an inspirational dream of a poor man to ease travel and time consumed, but a wealthy man’s dream of feeding into the poor people. Would it have been for transportation of people from place to place, then each man would be content with his own. Sadly, that’s not the case.

Our friends from the East alongside our wealthy politicians and heads of state, in association with the most corrupt institution in the country, the Kenya Revenue Authority, are changing the country in a pace that may end up ruining it as seen in history. Let us face facts here:

The oil discovered in Kenya is still under the British who are managing it; the Chinese people have a contract awarded to them to construct and manage the roads and SGR for a certain period; the Kenya Ports Authority is transferring almost all of its operations to Nairobi and as a result, transport of goods by trucks will reduce greatly; the government is making it mandatory for all goods to be transported by trains to and from the Mombasa port; transport companies such as Autoport, owned by the Mombasa Governor is closing up due to low business as a result of the mandatory rule by the government; Mombasa as a county and the second largest city is going to lose its status as most of the businesses are directly reliant to the port, et cetera.

As a result, all clearances will be done in Nairobi as the country awaits an inland port in Naivasha, which is ironically managed not by the KPA or KRA, but by a private investor. This will not only make him extremely wealthy, but it will also give him more than enough in case he decides to leave politics and focus on his life.

But there is a problem.

Due to the good nature of the new railway transport system, a great danger lies ahead for the people of this country: corruption, nepotism, unemployment and war. The country cannot be able to sustain itself in a few years with such people feeding from the same system that is to support the whole grid.
As the companies are closing down, and retrenchment facing the Kenya Ports Authority, and corruption seen in the Kenya Revenue Authority, it’s only a matter of time before we see the same SGR dream vanishes from our eyes. Many people will end up jobless, including, drivers, clearing firms,etc. Highway towns will end up fading due to low business turnout and most importantly, criminal activities will rise again.

The SGR dream will vanish before our eyes in the sense that, the rich tycoons running transport companies will plan on something that will wipe it out. Will it be a good idea? Yes.

A poor man will study hard, do well in school but since he does not know anyone, he will get a simple job at the port, owned by a rich man. The poor man will earn little cash and try to save it, but at the same time, a corrupt police officer will ask for bribe in order not to arrest him while heading home on a Friday night. The poor man will get home to his wife and demanding family, and end up slaving for the rich man in order to sustain himself. At the end of the day, he’s happy with the little he gets, the rich man is happy with his profits.

Then the government cuts this rich man’s transport and clearing businesses due to a railway transport that is miles from his head office. The corrupt officers at the port are also being retrenched and others reshuffled. So he has to close down or otherwise reduce, which will mean he runs at a loss. He fires the poor man who has been living in a rental house with several kids and the wife. Life gets hard on him with time, so he has to survive. He gets into crime. Soon, he and other friends of the same state start harassing the same rich people, and in the end, war erupts between the rich and poor due to inequality by the same government that lied to them, that is corrupt and that does not provide alternative solutions. The war affects all government projects including the SGR which it relied upon to make quick cash to the bigwigs in it.

All in all, a rich man will be sensible to forge a plan and destroy the SGR as it makes his business empire collapse. A poor man will be happy to fake the accident and make it real. A politician will be so comfortable to blame the Al Shabaab for doing it. The bigwigs will be so annoyed and arrest an innocent man and make him pay with his life.

The idea of a government deciding for its citizens is always a primitive one. The great masses are solely responsible for their own affairs first before agreeing to what it does. However, a corrupt system of leaders bars that notion which ends up affecting the citizens and depriving them of everything, including their livelihood, making them slaves to taxes and the same government they voted in. They call it democracy: of the people, for the people, by the people, but behind the picture is kleptocracy: of the thieves, for the thieves, by the people. The masses will always be subjected to deceit and lies, that is the great principle of a democraticgovernment.

Friday, 12 January 2018

5 Main Consequences of being Rich

Man, oh man!!

A wonderful creature he is, created or born or existed from something and is always going to be driven with two desires, sex and the desire to be great.

We all live in societies where being rich materially matters more than being smart. In other words, the more money you have in your life, the more proud you feel about yourself. All ambitions are accomplished, all dreams are valid and basically everything changes. But what are the consequences of being rich and wealthy, to being poor and living hand to mouth?

a) Family problems

Rich people are known to have the best lives so far, we all admire them. But they have one of the six major problems that the poor rarely have, family problems. Couples who have a lot of money always have problems either as man and wife, as parents and children or in the extended family. The kids are also rarely smart, no offense to you out there, but it's very true.

Of course most are not even religious, so they end up doing drugs, fighting over inheritance when the owner dies and even divorcing so publicly that their once admirers find them to be a disappointment. We have seen that a lot from celebrities. So, they are never a happy people per say.

b) Health problems

We have all been to a hospital at some point in our lives, some more than others definitely. Have you ever noticed that most people who go to big hospitals around the world are actually wealthy and prominent? Some even hire private doctors to tend to them in their private homes.

most of these fellows end up with cardiovascular diseases or cases that have tough words only doctors can pronounce them. They fear exposing it to the world because not even their money can save them at this point, thats why they hire private doctors. They definitely get the best medical care the poor cannot afford, but their diseases are way beyond their money. Sometimes one wonders why they can never cheat death :-)

c) Theft/hijacking/robbery

Who wouldn't wish to steal from a rich fellow? After all, he has so much money that could replace him anything he loses.

Being rich means being living next to your own graveyard. Everyone targets you, especially if you are a show off. In Asia, kidnapping a rich man's son or daughter can fetch you enough money to buy several houses. The ransom is enough for all your needs at once, for some time. That does not mean it is easy however, because they can hire enough security to storm and rob a bank. But if carefully planed and executed, it can be worth it.

d) Pride and fame = Enemies

To be rich means to have more pride than an average person and desiring fame and recognition everywhere you go. This means that you will need to have enemies. Need because your ego will bruise someone else's, and that creates enmity. Fellow wealthy friends may also be affected and thus plan for things that you only saw in movies.

In the recent past we have seen many attacked by supposedly armed robbers, who were sent by neighbors next door. The same neighbors they meet and talk and laugh. Cases of witchcraft have also been used on them by family and close friends.

e) Foolish/stupid ideas

Every rich person has a dream just like a normal fellow, only except that they are crazy and out of this world.

Some want to own cars that stand out in a crowd, driven by ego of course, others want to live on the moon, never worked out for them though, and some have no idea what to do.

This is an example.

A few crazy others find militias in Africa or Asia and start funding them, in return for power once they have accomplished their goals. It has happened before and still happens now. In this process, they come in contact with officials from governments whom they have constant deals and agreements in order to gain something in return.

For instance, newly elected presidents in every country have financiers who support their cause. These people regulate prices of items such as oil in countries without anyone knowing because they are behind the presidency. So Mr President is inclined to whatever choices they make in order to stay in power and at least make something worthwhile for themselves before they leave power. It happens in politics, it happens in religious organizations and even in the private sector, including the great United nations.

This in turn promotes corruption, racism, nepotism, wars and so much that happen in each country, that no one is brave enough to address without losing his head.

In conclusion, it is not bad to be rich but several consequences are a must in order to make one 'enjoy' his wealth. Some people actually have very good ideas when they have all that money, like helping needy children or the elderly or starting hospitals like Aga Khan or building institutions of learning or sponsoring the bright and needy, et cetera. It's just normal to have consequences...

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Devil Conspiracy

Every theist on earth leans towards God and against the devil, whom is also known as Satan and Lucifer and many more names. But how sure are they of what they believe in? Is God honest?

Let us assume a scenario: Mr X is an inventor. He wants to create a device that can enable man to fly like a bird. He gets the tools he wants, works on it and it's done. But for him to know it works well, he needs someone to test it, obviously not himself. He finds a young man who has zeal for the experiment, we call him Z. D-day comes, they all set out to an open field, and Mr X together with his team strap it on Z. Mr X knows that the device has a 98% chance of failure, he does not trust the other 2%. Z knows it will work.

And so the experiment begins, Z goes up and up and starts maneuvering about, the crew are excited about their new invention, Mr X knows it will fail any moment because he knows nothing can be too good that fast. After 2 minutes, the device fails, burns in the air and Z is falling to the ground like a rock. He hits hard and dies. MR X is not surprised at all, he expected it. Was there any force acting against Z? Was their another inventor who shot him down? Obviously no.

Similar principle applies to the life of man. According to religious beliefs, a certain high powered supernatural being exists, who created the world and all we know. It's just a belief, no one can be absolutely right about it. This being claims to be all knowing, which means he has a plan for everything that works out. Not in any man's favor, but in his way. Whether man requests for change or not, he knows what will happen to him. This being is known as God, Allah and so many unique names.

Then comes a conspiracy of one other being, who is supposedly his rival, Satan. If God or Allah is all knowing, where does this devil/Satan come in? If we assume God is Mr X, then it means he wants whatever happens to happen.

We have wars, diseases, slavery, hate, racism, nepotism, lies and so much that happens on our world, all under his watch. It's not that he cannot do anything, but just like our Mr X, he plans for things to go according to his way. He kills when he has had enough of you in his show, he causes chaos and wars, and still some fellow continue believing in Him, hoping he will change his ways in his life.

But then, he does not want to be the bad one in a world where truth never exists, he creates an illusion, the devil. So anything bad becomes associated with this other being, whom is from darkness as he on the other hand is light. The Yin Yang theory. So grief and pain and suffering and wars and chaos all become associated with this devil, who strangely does or may not exist in truth.

If God is all knowing, if he plans for everything, why should we blame the devil who, if he exists, has no control over man? If this God is loving, why kill his own creatures? Why make them suffer yet he knows whom he is going to pick in the end times, according to religious fanatics? If this God claims to teach love, why can' he set an example?

Had we not had missionaries moving from continent to continent claiming to preach his word, the world would have been a better place for man to live according to his real nature. We would not have had colonization perhaps, or false prophets who fool people and take their livelihood. Such is not a God whom they preached, if he is as described in holy books. If this God was an honest God, he would have taken the blame to everything that happens in life and not point it to one devil who has no control, no plan and no idea of what the future holds.

Did God create Satan or man created him, that is the question.

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