Monday, 28 September 2015

What is Truth? 

Shall it set you free or make you a slave?
Shall it make you weep or take you to the grave?

If the world was as genuine as it seemed,
and the heavens as real as they beam,

humans couldn't fail as planned by their creator,
and God would not have been our mediator.

We are all liars when we speak the truth,
because the truth in itself is a lie.
Too much trusting does not guarantee friendship,
as friendship is not built on trust alone.
If a man fears the demise of his life,
then life will offer nothing to him than fear.
It is the wise that show the right way,
but even the blind can find their way.
Choices made in life never have consequences,
it is a man’s fate to either enjoy life or suffer.
War is a just action for inequality,
if justice is neglected by those who make the laws.
Forgiveness on its own is not every man’s gift,
as hatred and envy is attained by growth.
Parents believe their children’s duty is to thank them,
children think it is in their parent’s power to bless them,
Yet both find themselves equal in the sight of their creator...

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