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What we Can Learn from the Zapatistas, EZLN..!!!

The Zapatista Army of National Liberation (Ejército Zapatista de Liberación NacionalEZLN) is a militant group in Southern parts of Mexico, founded in the early 90's. It is the strongest, perhaps, militant group in existence in the 21st century. Technically, it is not a militant group but a freedom fighters gig. The modern day Che Guevara's revolutionary gigs. We could term it as the greatest and most successful so far.

However, freedom does not come easily. The Zapatistas have lost so many of their members in the conquest of trying to protect their indigenous localities, cultures, traditions and unity. 
Their leader, Subcommandante Marcos is one of the most admired figure after other leaders of the current century such as Jose Mujica, who served their people without any discrimination of color, race or social status. They call him the modern "Che."
Under Marcos, the Mayan culture has maintained its extinct nature and has nourished more than other parts of Mexico. They have good schools, better health care, security, food and so much that democracies lack. But, Marcos does not only believe in true democracy, he practices it. True democracy is hard to come by, and any leader in any state can barely put it into action.
The women have access to the same rights men have. They have equal share as men. They can do what men can do, and so much. 
What is so interesting about Subcommandante Marcos is that he is not a native of the area, but rather migrated to the place after what he saw the people needed. Can't we term this as great admiration? Can't we say that true leaders who understand people have an inner drive to help those who have need more help than they do?
Mujica was greatly admired by people all over the world due to his simple nature and lifestyle. He humbled himself in front of everyone no matter how small. Christians can call him the modern "Jesus Christ" though he was not as rude and arrogant as Christ was. Che Guevara traveled from his country to other continents to help them in their struggle for independence. Martin Luther King Jr stood for what he believed in before he was assassinated. John F Kennedy had a strict stand against policies that were not in favor of the Americans before he's execution by Mossad and the CIA. Great men.
Back to Mexico, EZLN has changed the life of people living around the area of Chiapas, giving the masses something to believe in. Marcos believes that the government is the people who decide everything it has to do. In Chiapas, the government like structure depends on the opinions of the masses.

In almost all countries, Mexico included, leadership is held by the mightier and powerful who control everything. When democracy was first established in Greece, the poor had a say...just all all poor people had during the birth of most countries. With time, the poor were denied the right to vote, making them no different to slaves. 
In comparison to the 21st century, the poor man's vote counts no less than that of a slave in the previous centuries. Governments decide leaders before people actually elect them. President Obama was appointed years before the Americans cast votes. That was in the 90's. The Americans never knew that. In Kenya, president Kenyatta was to take over power by all means. Was it known? Yes. When his father died, his appeal was that his son should sit in power when time comes. And so Kenyans went into elections to elect someone who had to be in power. 
Zimbabwe, Uganda, Nigeria, Sudan and so many African nations have the same disease. In Eurasia, Russia, France, North Korea, China, Viet Nam, etc. all suffer from the same virus. The Americas are not left out.
Why don't we learn from icons like Marcos, Mujica and the rest who gave everything for the sake of humanity, their people and equality? Power corrupts they say. Religion, governments and politics all share the same fate. The papacy is a political seat where the weak cannot get to. Governments are a rich man's soccer field. Education is modern corruption of the human mind, inclusive of the media.
What we should learn from EZLN is that leaders exist. A good leader will sacrifice his life for the sake of his people. he should make sure the masses get the best from the little they have as long as they have something to  look forward to. A good leader must not conspire against his people, kill his people or even lie to them.
However, its all a Utopia. A dream that can only be achieved by the strong and bold. A dream that Marcos has tried fulfilling for his people. 
If all can be achieved by simple humility and self sacrifice, then the world may never know war. But lustful grown up thieves in governments and high positions corrupt the system to their favor. 
Subcommandante talks about world war three and four which we are witnessing in our current world. The Cold war and capitalism constitute the third world war which happened immediately after world war world war four, money is the new weapon. It creates and destroys countries, it creates diseases and viruses which never existed before, all to wipe out the human race and leave it for the few, and is also threatening economic globalization under financiers such as the IMF and World Bank.
What else should we not learn from EZLN? Our countries are hiding facts in favor of a few people who own the whole nation. The blind will always believe the media and never think. The wise will question their beliefs and ideals. The neutral ones will care less about everything because they believe they cannot change a thing.
Revolutions are an easy strategy to educate the masses if the people are willing to be open and give a listening ear to facts, which the government finds as threats to its position. 
Long Live Marcos..! The world can be changed only if we believe in our inner selves.

(EZLN Anthem)

Religion and God: A Mad Man's belief of Infinity!!!

Before the 1900’s, religion mainly ruled most parts of the world. Their leadership was not based on will but on force. In the 21st century, not much has changed per say. Religion still controls governments, and governments still manage religion based on the common interest. But what is religion?
Religion can be defined as a cultural system of behaviors and practices, mythologies, world views, sacred texts, holy places, ethics, and societal organization that relate humanity to what anthropologists call “an order of existence” (Wikipedia)…or it can also be an organized set of beliefs used to worship a god or group of gods.
In life, all religions worship a certain supreme being who takes different forms according to their beliefs. The Supreme Being, surprisingly, vary from one religion to another. Some claim the being is peaceful, loving and generous, some claim the total opposite where their being actually is one mean and angry fellow, others claim he can be both. Whether the being is a he or a she, male or female, it does not matter as long as they have something to believe in.
We have wars, deaths, hypocrisies, conspiracies, lack of moral values and so much evil according to this religious beliefs.
In almost all these beliefs, there is always a culprit who takes the blame for all evil on earth. This culprit is deemed as the mother of all bad things we experience on earth, including our own foolishness and ignorance. They go on claiming that we were created in the image of this being, which seems to portray through our character. So what do we learn?
Several things. First, we come to realize that however bad man can be, this being also is. If it’s generous, man can also be generous; if it’s being envious and full of hate, man is also capable of being that. The list is endless. How comes all of man’s characters are identified from this being? How comes we have so many similarities yet still point fingers to one culprit, the devil so called, who has no idea on what is going on? What if religion and this being were merely an illusion of the mind?
We all believe without reason, defend our beliefs without understanding them, and pretend to know everything on earth from reading a few religious books which could only be a conspiracy to fool our minds into hiding our true nature.

Scientists read many books but still feel they know nothing. Religious men read only one book and claim to know everything.” - Unknown

If this Supreme Being exists, he created man for his own good. He created man to fulfill his bored life. He created man to play with his own intelligence in the various ways he can think at once. They say he’s omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. The world has a population of over seven billion people, yet he knows how each and everyone thinks. That is not all, he even controls the entire actions of each and everything that happen before they do.
What if he is just a story, a fairy tale like Big Brother of Nineteen Eighty Four whose existence was unknown to everyone?
One great philosopher and thinker of his time, Epicurus thought about this supreme being and came up with questions which to date have never been fully answered by the religious men of the world.

"Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?"

The same Supreme Being who lets evil nourish and puts the blame on the devil. Religion teaches men to hate the devil and resist his ways. How? How do we resist an evil force that does not exist in reality but only from the concept of some set of beliefs?
If it so occurs that the devil was a conscripted lie made by the same God to make man believe in him more and never deny his existence, how will the human race feel about all that has been happening? Cheap blackmail! This God knows everything before it happens and what will happen in the future. Why then blame some so called devil yet he planned for it? Why say the devil is responsible for all evil on earth yet the same God planned everything to happen as it will?
Accordingly, governments have the right to lie to its people as long as God lies to the human race. The created terrorism by the western governments is a just cause pursued for the interested of a few despite bloodshed. The eastern governments which oppress its own people have the right to do so for the same interests as the western counterparts. The UN has the right to create viruses and diseases through the WHO and spread it across the globe in order to control over the affected areas and take their natural resources by all means. The Belgians and Germans have the right to stay in DR Congo and continue in their pursuit for gold and other minerals under the UN in the expense of the poor African men. The list goes on.
If religions preach peace, love and unity, people should not be so rigid to change. One should be permitted and be free to convert to a religion of his or her choice. Muslims kill anyone who leaves Islam yet they preach peace and this so called Allah. Christians speak evil of any of their ‘sheep’ who converts to Islam, and even call him a ‘lost’ soul. Hindus do not permit anyone to get married to a person of another religion or race because they claim to be clean and perfect, yet their gods advocate for peace at times.
Main is controlled by his lust and quest for power such that he uses religion to misguide, abuse and misdirect his followers’ thoughts…yet the same God has all attributes observed in this man.
Religion is a mad man’s disease. Sticking to a peculiar set of beliefs observed on the earth has ruined everything, including his own mind. Nations have waged war, people have betrayed each other and lies have been injected into the minds of every individual under the name of this Supreme Being.
A sane man will never defend his beliefs because it is simply an act of faith and not certainty.
If this Supreme Being exists, he is in favor of all good and bad things that rake place on earth, and therefore the devil or some culprit responsible for all this is just a misdirected propaganda. On the other hand, if this being does not exist, the human race is still doomed to idiosyncrasy and manipulation of some great thinkers who existed before time.
Whether this God is real or not, religion has misguided and will continue to fool the great masses for its own benefits. It will continue to extort and manipulate the poor in faith and enrich those seeking their wealth without any fight but will. The era of force was over many years ago. People willingly give without being asked on the conviction that some God will bless or cure them.
If it was God’s plan that one should suffer, remain poor, die in the hands of a “terrorist,” fooled, etc., then who are we to stop the trend from happening? This God finds pleasure in the suffering of the human race. He is happy with the turn of events. If we cry, pray so hard, hope so much, do so much, nothing will ever change.
In conclusion, religion should never be a tool to judge someone else’s ideals or beliefs. It should not be the basis of excommunicating someone from family because he or she converted or married someone of a different faith or race. It should not be the currency of manipulation by some smart fellow who wants to extort the poor.
All religion is false in its teachings. They all lead people in the wrong way of hatred, envy, corruption, lies and all social evil. Is this Supreme Being, otherwise known as God, responsible? No! It is man’s foolish and selfish ambitions to manipulate his neighbor without showing his barbaric and savage characters.
Religion is the cause of all evil through man’s greed, lust for power and a high taste of death. Whoever claims strict adherence to a certain sect is as evil as the magnified devil of our time. The devil is simply man’s lust portrayed in action by men. He is not an imaginary being.

Man’s greatest mistake is the belief of a god through a certain set of beliefs passed down to him from some creative man who never had nothing, but obtained everything from the fool’s blind search for an impossibility.

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An Ignoramus's Haven...

History of Democracy
Abraham Lincoln defined democracy as “a government of the people, by the people, for the people.” However, that was his idea of a democracy.
Today we’ll look at the origin of the word “democracy,” how it came about and why the great masses will always be victims of conspiracies and incidents they never anticipated.
Democracy, in Greek, means the rule of people. Each individual under a so called democracy is required to vote, and whoever has the most votes, wins. In 510 BC in Athens, Greece, the earliest democracy began and all adults who were citizens whether rich or poor had to vote. The poor people were so much happy albeit women were not allowed to participate in elections at the time.
When democracy turned out to work in Athens, many other city-states chose it for their government too. But most of them allowed even fewer people to vote than Athens did: most of the other city-states only allowed free adult male citizens to vote IF they owned land or owned their own houses (that is, the richer people). They didn't let women vote either.
One big problem for democracies was that it was very inconvenient for men to always be going to the meeting-place to vote. Most men had work to do, planting their grain, making shoes, fighting wars or whatever. They couldn't be always debating and voting. So most democracies sooner or later ended up choosing a few men who would do most of the voting, and the rest only came when there was a really important vote. It was hard to decide how to choose these few men, and different cultures did it different ways. Athens did it by a lottery. If you got the winning ticket then you were on the Council of 500. Men served for a year (and women couldn't serve at all).
Democracy spread around the Mediterranean Sea, but it was pretty much wiped out by the Roman Empire about100 BC. Still, places like Athens continued to use democratic methods to make their own decisions on local matters for a long time after that.
A thousand years later, in the Middle Ages, some cities in Italy - Siena, FlorenceGenoaPisa, Venice - went back to having a democratic government. These were all organized in slightly different ways, but none of them allowed the poor, women, or children to vote, and some had a lottery system like Athens.
Today many countries are democracies, and in most of them rich and poor, men and women have won the right to vote, though children and foreigners still can't. The amount of power available to voters, however, still varies widely from country to country.

Current Era Democracy
Thousands of years later, democracy still reigns the current world with so much that has changed and hidden from the citizens. Governments are happy with ignoramus citizens who care less about what happens due to distractions, diversions and divisions. They are too occupied, too blind and too deaf to observe the reality.
The Catholic Church had its era in the Roman Empire. It broke up years later to bring the current political arena that is witnessed in over 75% of all countries of the world. Leaders devised new ways to staying put in power, others found different ways of using the poor and middle lower class to bring down governments, and the list goes on.
Africa is one continent that to date has rigid, uncouth and savage leaders. The likes of Zimbabwe’s president, Sudan, Uganda and so many countries have experienced these barbarians clinging to power. Yet they term their forms of governments as “democracies.”
In our current world, democracy has grabbed itself a new meaning that if disputed, will only showcase the thirst for power. Democracy can then be defined as a gang of politically law-changing thieves, who use the law and their power to steal, loot and control the resources of the ignorant masses, at the expense of religion, propaganda and ignorance. In reality, a democracy is simply a Kleptocracy under a sheep’s wool.
Can we deny that our governments are lying to us? Can we deny that the government is controlling everything we own? Can we defend the bureaucrats who use the law to oppress the poor? Only a deaf, a mute and a blind man cannot fathom what really happens in leadership.
It is the duty of each head of state to abide to the laws of those with higher and mightier power than he or she is. They will control his mind, his decisions and when to leave office. And for what? Power corrupts, power misguides and power has so many benefits that even a poor man will wish to be the leader just for a day.
The Americans needed a bigger conspiracy to make the whole world believe that they are the superpower country by landing on the moon. It never happened…it was all set up to lure the whole nation and the world. Hitler fooled the whole world to believing that he was dead, yet he had escaped one week prior to the Soviets getting to Berlin, Germany. All democracies are made up of lies which give them the power to control the masses who will blindly follow anything they are told. Not so different to Oceania which lied to its people, according to Nineteen eighty four by George Orwell.
A lie repeated several times becomes a truth, undisputed and firmly believed by an ignorant person.
For democracies to stay in power, they all need strategies. These strategies are met at all expenses, even if its blood being shed. Africa is a good example of such forms of democracies. In 2007 and 2013, Kenya held its general elections in accordance to the constitution and democracy as they call it.
The current leaders had plans to stick in power despite the masses against them. At the expense of power, clashes and a political war erupted, killing and wounding thousands. The leaders at the time had nothing to say. Neighboring countries such as Uganda where the current president is an ally to Kenya was ordered to kill, if possible, any people who tried crossing the border. A court martial was to be issued if the president who allegedly claimed victory did not win. The same could be said for Ivory Coast, Uganda, Zimbabwe and so many countries.
But that should not make us think that only Africans are savages. In the USSR during the wars between social and political classes of 1920’s, Josef Stalin emerged the victor and the new leader. The next person who was appointed by Vladimir Lenin, one Leon Trotsky, was assassinated by Stalin due to his continuous threat. It was not a democracy per say but it is an example of what democracies do. It is known as vaporization. Every threat to the government is vaporized for the greater good of its sustenance.
In modern day Russia, Boris Nemstov, a great opposition leader in the country was recently vaporized due to his threats to Putin’s leadership. That is not the only country that still hunts down the opposition. We have Eugenio Berríos of Uruguay who knew too much and was assassinated; Martin Luther King Jr, Abraham Lincoln, John F Kenned, Malcom X, Che Guevara, Victor Jara, John Granville (a diplomat for the United States Agency for International Development in Sudan), John Paul Oulo (a human rights activist in Kenya, 2009) and the list goes one.
All these people and so many others that we cannot mention opposed democracies in one way or another through their speech, their actions and their truth of enlightening the masses. It is the price we all pay for the fake democracy we are so much in favor of. The same that lies to us, which kills our own people in claims of protection, the same that creates so called “terrorist” groups which do not exist, et cetera.
In The Prince, Machiavelli talks about several types of principalities that are widely observed in our current world. These are:
The types of principalities
Hereditary principalities, which are inherited by the ruler

In relation to our current world, almost every republic that claims democracy is actually more than Kleptocracy and monarchial in reality. Before elections are held in any state, a leader is known years or months prior to the moment. The elections and voting are all just a norm and routine to which people will believe in the system. The general masses must witness and see that they are not being cheated, but in the real sense, they have been fooled more than what their government preaches.

Mixed principalities, territories that are annexed to the ruler's existing territories

The second principality is that territories which do not belong to the country but seem to be of benefit are actually taken either by force, coercion or collaboration with the other government. An example is Crimea, annexed by Russia in an effort to bring back the great Soviet era, Migingo island in Lake Victoria, sold by the former president of Kenya to his ally, Museveni, Uganda’s president, Abyei in Sudan, Bakassi in Cameroon, Abu Musa in Iran, Swains island in the US, and so many others.
It should never worry anyone as it is all a democracy under control by luring the people.

New principalities, which may be acquired by several methods: by one's own power, by the power of others, by criminal acts or extreme cruelty, or by the will of the people (civic principalities)

This has no much difference to the second point as most if not all of these disputed lands will either be owned by the nation or by individuals who happen to be untouchable and above the law.

Ecclesiastical principalities, namely the Papal States belonging to the Catholic Church
The Vatican being a great example, controlled by the Pope where so much is hidden from the public.

He also goes on stating the qualities of each leader who has the opportunity to rule, in that he or she should make good use of his skills which are hardly wisdom. The leader must possess the following qualities as well:
a)      The leader should always wear a mask.
b)      The prince must be prepared to act against charity, humanity, and religion.
c)      The prince should always mask his acts and intentions concerning his basic morality
d)     The prince should avoid being despised or hated.
e)      The prince should acquire esteem through the accomplishment of great undertakings and examples of his great talents . . . he should strive in all his deeds to give the impression of a great man of superior intelligence.
f)       The prince should avoid inconsistency
In democracy, the same principle applies, only in a slightly twisted format. Following the set rules, it is easier to deceive the masses with a simple twist of the mind through simple acts of charity, dedication, love towards a certain despised idea, etc.
For democracies to maintain their power, they all need to control the mind of those who are its citizens. Mostly the poor. A poor man will do anything to survive. So they buy the simple minded people and use them to get information, otherwise known as spies or informers.
We have witnessed so much happening in our world during the 20th and 21st centuries, and very few people take note. Why? Mind control. Big entertainment companies are making billions of dollars to run their industries which act as the main tool for propaganda and brainwash. This is typical in both democracies and dictatorships.
In China, North Korea, Viet Nam, Russia, United States, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Africa and so many countries, governments are using propaganda to attain whatever they want. They control every mind with the switch of a button.
The media is the main tool for mind control. Day in day out, so much changes within hours and even seconds. Media houses are all controlled by some bigwigs to divert the attention of what’s happening. Soap operas are driving ladies and young men crazy into some kind of Utopia. Movies are all about revenge, hatred and killing of those against our ideals. Governments are using family and friends to track down those they term as bad influence to the society.
If all this can be achieved by the media, how about that which we do not know? How about that which the media cannot show? Yet anyone found saying a different story from what the media said is vaporized. SEAL team six, all vaporized and tuned to manipulate Osama bin Laden’s death…the CIA controlling the minds of every individual via simple programs such as Facebook and the likes.
Democracy should and must protect the interest of its people and not spy on them. It should help those in need and not kill them. It should be an example to people all over the world by portraying the truth and not lie to the masses due to their ignorance.
If not well said, democracy remains to be an evil idea of the mighty and powerful to control the weak minded people for their own selfish interests. It is a conspiracy against the people of this world. Unless we live by ignorance, lack of knowledge and self-deceit, democracy will always steal from us and take the little things we value most in our lives.
Knowledge is wisdom, and wisdom is a ‘truth’ each poor soul needs to possess…but the world is filled with ignoramuses who will only believe what their government says. The human weakness.

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The Theory of Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism

Eric Blair in his book, Nineteen Eighty Four describes so much that is happening in our current world. The Politics and The Prince also try to explain the real motives behind leadership in every government in every part of the world. But what did Eric Blair think of to write such amazing works? 
At the time of his writing, USSR was undergoing so much that it needed someone to enlighten the masses. The Animal farm tried bringing out the concept of evil leaders who claimed to be on the side of the masses, yet back stabbed them. Hitler in his quest for power also used the same phrase in order to gain power and support from the foolish masses who were easily deceived by some propaganda. It is no different to what we are witnessing now. 
Governments are using ISIS, Al Qaeda and words like "terrorism" to win the masses. All this is modern day propaganda. 
In 1984, Blair talks about a country known as Oceania which is and always has been at war with Eurasia. The main character, Wilson Smith, in his mind knows very well that it is all hoax to fool everyone. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. But the masses believe nothing of the kind. They are brainwashed to believing that the government of the time under Big Brother is and will always be right. The government changes everything including recalling textbooks from schools which are then re-written to fit the current masses.
The story goes on to a chapter which will catch the attention of every reader who has ever or will ever read the book. The Theory of Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism, by Emmanuel Goldstein. This is a conspiracy book which is used by every underground member who wants to destroy the Big Brother government. Winston tries reading it, but only a few chapters. The rest is unknown.
In Oceania, the government kills its own people and claims that Eurasia attacked them. it goes on to claim more lives day in day out. In the same government, there are thought police and four ministries which are responsible for everything that happens from pornography to mind control. Notice any similarity with the current world? 
Long story cut short, the Oceania government teaches everyone that it is a perfect state with no flaws. The war claims more lives but no one knows the truth because the government has brainwashed everyone to believing what it teaches.

Let’s make a comparison to our current century:

a)      Before the American government invaded Iraq, it needed some sort of strong propaganda to gain access to the country. Osama bin Laden was used as Emmanuel Goldstein of 1984, to act as the bad guy under Al Qaeda. So, the government of US plans for the death of its people, the 9/11 attacks, which had to happen as an open gate to win the masses and to gain entry into the Middle East. But what for? Oil and free taxation. 
So they invade the country, collude with some local opposition and create a war between the Iraqis themselves. Thousands die but no one questions the Americans. And that’s how they get enough oil to do whatever they please.

b)      We go to the Arab spring. Was it a coincidence? No! It was all a conspiracy to remove Gaddafi from power because he refused to cooperate with the West. The French and British took some opposition, paid them, made them betray their president, and then war. As of now, Libya will never see peace. It was never about the Arab countries, it was about Gaddafi, Libya and Oil.

c)      Nigeria, same case. Boko Haram sponsored and armed by the West. Africans never learn. Kenya, Westgate attacks, Garissa University attacks. All planned by the government. What for? Without the Westgate attacks, Kenya Defense Force wouldn't have a good chance in Somalia. Amisom is funded by the UN and American government. Why can't they come? They need a brother to kill another so that they take no blame.

d)     France attacks, the recent Brussels attacks, all government conspired. The CIA controls almost everything, from the thinks we think to the things we witness. No one questions them.

There is never a coincidence. It is all a conspiracy talked about by Wilson Smith in 1984. Emmanuel Goldstein, the villain in the book, knows the truth, but we are not told whether he exists or not. Why all this? World dominion requires fooling the masses, killing the masses and telling them propaganda to earn their trust. A lie told several times becomes a truth, said Hitler. He knew the weakness of the human mind. 

Below is a summary of what the book by Goldstein talks about: 

Global Stalemate
1.      The three super-states of the world, Eurasia, Eastasia and Oceania, are each large enough to sustain the needs of their own populations and so don’t need to fight each other for resources. At the same time, each is powerful enough by itself that it cannot be conquered by the other two, so all three are in a kind of global stalemate.
Never-ending war
2.      Although they do not need to fight each other, they do. The borders don’t change much, but the war never stops. Never-ending war is used by all three as a way of consuming the products of human labor. If this work were be used to increase the standard of living (which is how it is under capitalism), individual groups would gain more knowledge and education and therefore political power, so the control of the Party over the people would decrease, and the Party might fall. In 1984, continuous war is the economic basis of a hierarchical society – where the Party controls the top and the proles are at the bottom
"War is Peace."
3.      In becoming continuous, war has ceased to exist in any sense of the word we know today.
The different sides are not trying to win anything. The continuity of the war guarantees the permanence of the current world order. In other words, "War is Peace."
An emotional focal point
4.      Big Brother was created as an emotional focal point for people to connect to with their feelings, in the same way we might send feelings of hope, fear, reverence or the need for protection out to a president or other leading figure. There is an emotional need to believe in the ultimate authority of and victory of Big Brother. Whatever Big Brother says is “the absolute truth” because he is the one saying it. By this standard, anything not in line with what Big Brother is saying must be false (even if it came from Big Brother) and so is thought crime.
The Upper, the Middle and the Lower.
5.      Throughout history, there have always been three main strata of society; the Upper, the Middle and the Lower. At different times the Middle Class has gotten the Lower Class to support it in conquering the Upper Class and taking power (this is revolution), but then the old Middle Class becomes the new Upper Class and clings to power just like the ones they defeated used to. The Lower Class, on the other hand, never gets anywhere, but they have always been deceived by promised of equality. Until Big Brother came along, this cycle never ceased.
No basis for comparison
6.      By controlling every emotion and every form of media, the Party ensures that no one at any level has a basis by which to compare their lives to anything better. This, combined with doublethink. This is how the Party is able to tell obvious lies (“everything is getting better”) and have people believe them without question.

“The essence of oligarchical rule is not father-to-son inheritance, but the persistence of a certain world-view and a certain way of life, imposed by the dead upon the living.”
This book explains the how and why of the current government of Oceania. This state of existence is not natural in any way or predestined; it is the result of the concentrated efforts of a select group who placed into motion a chain of events designed to perpetuate their own power.

Chapter 1: Ignorance is STRENGTH
The three states essentially coexist with limited contact; that contact is primarily through WAR As long as they maintain the same level of skill, TECHNOLOGY and RESOURCES no one state will win over the other. Because there is no contact between the citizens of the states, the super states are able to rule as DICTATORSHIPS
In the history of man, society has always divided itself into three classes: upper, middle, and lower. The high class wants to remain in power. The middle class wants to REPLACE the upper class. The low class wants a society that has no CLASS DISTINCTIONS when revolution occurs, THE LOWER and MIDDLE classes join forces. After the revolution, the original LOWER class is in the worst position. The people who founded Oceania and the other states wanted to stop the PENDULUM which swung back and forth determining which people had power.
Typically, the upper class has fallen because of four reasons. They are CONQUERED FROM THE OUTSIDE, THE MASSES REVOLT, MIDDLE CLASS REBELS, and THE UPPER CLASS LOSES THE WILL/CONFIDENCE TO GOVERN IngSoc was founded with the explicit agenda of perpetuating INEQUALITY and unfreedom. In order to do this, they realized they must control not only the ACTIONS of the citizens but their MINDS as well. The philosophy they adopted was called COLLECTIVISM essentially, the power base is shaped like a PYRAMID. BIG BROTHER is at the apex, followed by the inner party, the outer party, and the proles. You were not born into a class; instead when you were 16, you WERE TESTED in order to determine your placement within the society (though this is typically the class you were born into). If you were excessively SMART/GIFTED then you would be eliminated. If instead you were merely talented and therefore likely to think independently, you would be placed in
THE OUTER PARTY to maintain the system, IngSoc is supported by a controlling group known as the THOUGHT POLICE. The worst and only crime that a citizen can commit is to THINK (not act) differently than what the party desires.

Chapter 3: War is PEACE
There are three super states which occupy specific geographic locations. They are: Oceania which occupies the lands of THE AMERICAS, BRITAIN, AND AUSTRALIA, Eastasia which occupies CHINA, SOUTH ASIA AND JAPAN, and EURASIA which occupies the Northern part of Europe and Asia from Portugal to the Berlin Straight.
Consequently these states do constant battle over THE POLES and AFRICA. Each state has a different belief system. For example, Oceania believes in IngSoc or English Socialism. Likewise, Eastasia believes in OBLITERATION OF SELF/DEATH WORSHIP and Eurasia in NEO-BOLSHEVISM. Despite these very different states, they all function pretty much the same. They wage battle in the “no-man” lands in order to gain a limited amount of physical resources and LARGE “SLAVE” POPULATIONS This also helps the states because they are able to rid themselves of SURPLUS GOODS which is necessary if they are going to keep their populations at a low comfort-level. A low comfort-level denies people the opportunity to think and question society. Scarcity allows for a few small LUXURIES like chocolate, tobacco, and servants which allows the people to see themselves as members of the high, middle, or low class. A state organized as a HIERACHY/OLIGARCHY/TOTALITARIANSIM with different classes must be in a constant state of war.
Because the war is constant, it has essentially stopped being DANGEROUS No country wants to or intends to WIN the war.

The conspiracies will never end as long as the masses are too foolish to understand that their governments are fooling and using them. It is the duty of any citizen to overthrow his or her government if he feels cheated, unsafe, unprotected and used for some evil ambitions. For those who have an open and curious mind, understanding will come like a tired man's dreams. 

Religion (Part 1)

All great thinkers figured out everything else except one; God and religion. Does God exist? If he does, why does he permit evil to reign over good for so long yet he claims to love the human race? Epicurus thought so much about it that it made him bitter. 
We all have a stand on religion and on God. Religious men claim God exists, others say God does not exist, some even do not care whether he exists or not. Have you ever wondered if you might be lost or in a religion that uses you because you are too naive to understand anything else outside what you are told? 
No one can tell the truth from the opposite. We all have our strict stands on what we believe in, which makes us foolish to reason and easily prone to deception. We possess intellectual arrogance. Rigid men of earth we become. A sad human race.
Today we focus on a religion with so many followers on earth. We call them followers because they are sheep who need a leader. The leader is too smart for them such that they all fall into the exact trap meant to deceive them. All religions have followers who have no idea why they believe what they believe because they were born in a family that worshiped the religion.
If God is one, then the meaning of religion is a big lie which the masses fear questioning. The leaders take advantage of this ignorance to pursue their own selfish ambitions. 

Started so many years ago, Catholicism grew due to ignorance and a blind belief of the so called Messiah. They were initially termed as 'roman Catholics.' They persecuted and killed Jesus Christ. After his death and resurrection, the Catholic Church decided to expand its territories. They murdered more people than Al Qaeda, Islamic State and the world wars ever had.
If religions come in peace, they certainly failed. They forced people to either convert or get killed. So much blood was spilled during their era.
According to history, the Ten Commandments were then altered to favor their reign. The Sabbath commandment was removed, re-edited and republished in the catholic Bible to suit their needs, and to control the masses who blindly followed.
Time went by, and to date, very few people question about the Ten Commandments as well as the leadership of the Catholic Church. In Hitler's words, 

The Catholic Church has been involved in the deaths of innocent people to date. It has assisted in establishments of dictatorships around the world. It has conspired to remove popes who do not abide by their rules. The Vatican controls so much than the eyes see or the ears hear. They are a silent and very powerful people. 
But what is hidden from the masses that needs to be seen? Here are ten truths that the Vatican and Catholics never want the masses to know.

1.    Vatican City has the highest crime rate in the world! With a population around 500 people and a little over one crime per day, the Vatican crime rate is above 100 percent, per capita. Although the fact is shocking it should be remembered that the Vatican is about one square mile in size, and has nearly 20 million visitors annually. Most of the crimes are pickpockets, purse snatching and other petty offenses done by outsiders.

2.    The ONLY Christian church in existence for the first 1,000 years of Christian history was the Roman Catholic Church. All other Christian churches which exist today can trace their lineage back to the Roman Catholic Church. Most non-Catholic churches which exist today are less than a century or two old by comparison. 

3.    The Catholic Church consists of more than just the Roman Catholic Church. There are 22 Eastern Rites that are in full communion with Rome and although they go by different names, they are every bit as much a part of the Catholic Church. 

4.    Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press, was Catholic and the first book ever printed was the Catholic Bible. 

5.    The Catholic Church is entirely responsible for the composition of the Bible, which books are included, as well as the breakup of the chapters and verses. Protestants have removed some books of the Bible because some of the verses were inconsistent with their theology. Martin Luther was a prime offender in this regard, removing Tobit, Judith, 1 and 2 Maccabees, Wisdom, Sirach and Baruch. He also made an effort to remove James and Revelations, but this was rejected by his followers and those two books were kept. Catholics are often accused of "adding" the books, but despite this common belief, it is false. Older, pre-Protestant, Catholic translations of the Bible include them. 

6.    How many saints are recognized by the Catholic Church? There does not seem to be an official number, but it exceeds 10,000. Of course, any person who enters heaven is a saint, by definition, so it is certain the number of actual saints in existence is much greater than the number recognized by the Church. 

7.    Any Catholic may perform an emergency baptism, such as if a person is in grave danger of death. In such a case, the validity of the baptism only depends upon the wishes of the person being baptized, that they desire the baptism. There are specific guidelines for such practices that Catholics should follow. Anyone wishing to be prepared for such a case should refer to the catechism for a deeper understanding of this allowance. Generally, such practices ought to be left to trained clergy. 

8.    About 15 percent of all hospitals in the United States are Catholic hospitals. In some parts of the world, the Catholic Church provides the only healthcare, education and social services available to people. 

9.    The Catholic Church spends more money than Apple brings in. Expenditures by the Catholic Church, largely on charity, exceeded $170 billion in 2012, according to The Economist magazine. In that same year, Apple took in $157 billion in revenue.

10.    The Pope is protected by the Swiss Papal Guard. Wearing uniforms designed by Michelangelo and commonly armed with halberds, they are capable of using heavier weapons if needed. Each member is Catholic, male, and Swiss, and must complete military training in Switzerland. They must demonstrate good conduct and be at least five-foot-eight in height. Those who are chosen are granted a private audience with the pope along with their families. In extreme circumstances, they are expected to guard the Holy Father with their lives. The Swiss Papal Guard is the oldest active military unit in continual existence since 1506. 

That is just little. An article from M.H Reynolds in the Foundation Magazine vol XIII, issue 1 discussed more about the catholics in detailed. 

THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH is by far the largest and wealthiest of all the so-called "Christian Denominations." It has consistently claimed to be the only true Church--the Church which was founded by Jesus Christ during His earthly ministry. In addition, especially in this generation, it has embellished its image and attracted and held members by the claim that it is the one Church which has never changed, all of these claims are false. How-ever, in recent years, the Roman Catholic Church has done a complete about-face, actually boasting of the many changes it has instituted to meet the changing needs of Catholics and non-Catholics alike in this modern age.
Is the Roman Catholic Church the one true Church? Are its past and present teachings and practices Scriptural? How has the Roman Catholic Church changed through the centuries? How much has it changed in our lifetime? Have these changes been basic or superficial? Where is the Roman Catholic Church headed?
The purpose of this article is to turn the spotlight of truth upon Roman Catholicism both as to its past history and present teachings. Our sincere desire is to be of help to Catholics, many of whom are well aware that, in recent years, their church has been instituting many changes, most of which have left them confused, uncertain, and deeply troubled. For the first time in their lives, many Catholics are raising serious questions about t their Church, its leaders, its teachings and its practices. They now realize that their church is not united but divided over issues such as birth control, abortion, divorce, celibacy for priests, women clergy, gay clergy, Papal infallibility, prayer, worship, music, purgatory, confession and even the meaning of the Mass. The moral degeneracy and financial scandals which have rocked the Charismatic movement have also been exposed in the Roman Catholic Church, all the way from the Vatican to the local parish. Confusion reigns supreme and Catholics who take their religion seriously don't know which way to turn.
A source of further confusion for many is the fact that for centuries Roman Catholics were taught that all those outside its membership were heretics to be shunned, persecuted or even killed. It was not until the middle of this century that the Roman Catholic Church modified and softened its stand by first calling non-Catholics, "separated brethren." More recently, even that negative connotation has been eliminated so that today, Catholics are to consider "all Christians" to be "brothers and sisters in Christ."
However, these changed outward attitudes on the part of Roman Catholics toward non-Catholics, and their increasing usage of evangelical terminology, has unfortunately resulted in many evangelicals mistakenly believing that the basic false doctrines and heresies of Romanism have changed, something that simply is not true. Thus, both Catholics and non-Catholics alike should take a fresh look at Biblical, historical and current look-at this largest supposedly Christian denomination in the world. If it is the one true Church as it claims to be, then every believer in Christ should become a part of it. But, if it is and always has been a false church, then all who truly believe the Bible and trust Jesus Christ as Saviour will separate from it, warn about it, and urge others to do likewise.
Through our extensive radio and literature ministries, it has been a great blessing to hear from many former Roman Catholics who have been delivered from the bondage of the false doctrines of Romanism; who have experienced the new birth by faith in Jesus Christ alone; and who are doing their best to reach their Catholic loved ones and friends with the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At the same time, it has been a real heartache to realize that so many non-Roman Catholics who profess to know Christ as Saviour, have been deceived by the new attitudes and vocabulary of Catholicism so that the Roman Catholic Church is now being accepted by many evangelicals as a sister church with only minor differences rather than the false church which it actually is.
The Truth about the Roman Catholic Church is that it always has been and continues to be a false church. Those Biblical doctrines it professes to believe and teach are vitiated by Roman Catholic dogma based upon tradition which contradicts God's holy, infallible Word, the Bible. Error is never more deceptive than when it is presented with a veneer of truth. Throughout its entire history, Roman Catholic leaders fit the description of the false teachers who God warned in advance would come on the scene in the last days, deceiving many by their "feigned' (pretended or hypocritical) words-their "great swelling words of vanity, " as described in 1 Peter 2:1.-3, 18, 19,
Before examining and refuting some of the well-known false teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, it is essential to understand that two basic false teachings of Roman Catholicism (even apart from its many other errors), clearly classify it as a religious cult rather than a true church. These two basic errors are:
FirstRoman Catholicism, although teaching that the Bible is the Word of God, adds the spurious apocryphal books to the Scriptures, and also elevates church tradition and the edicts of popes and councils (the words of men), to the same or an even greater level of authority than the Word of God. This amounts to adding to the Word of God, thereby placing Roman Catholicism under God's curse. Deut. 4:2; Rev. 22:18, 19.
Second- Roman Catholicism, although teaching that faith in Jesus Christ is necessary for salvation, actually denies the truth of the Gospel by adding sacraments, good works, and purgatory as additional requirements for forgiveness of sin and eternal life. This amounts to the preaching of a false Gospel which places the Roman Catholic Church under God's curse. Gal. 1:6-10.
Thus, by Scriptural standards, the Roman Catholic Church is a false church which can only expect God's judgment, not a true church which can claim God's blessing. No amount of outward change should be permitted to obscure this fact.
As for the claims of the Roman Catholic Church that its history can be traced back to Jesus Christ, Peter, or the other apostles, such claims lack both historical and Scriptural support. The true Church of Jesus Christ was not founded upon Peter, but upon Peter's confession of Christ's deity as recorded in Matthew 16:16: "... Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. “Peter was not the first pope nor is there any Scriptural justification whatever for such an office. Peter's own inspired testimony as to his position and ministry is given in I Peter 5:1-4. He further identifies himself in 2 Peter 1:1 as "a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ....' History confirms the fact that there were no popes in the early church nor even in the Roman Catholic Church during the first centuries of its existence.
Furthermore, the long-held claim that the Roman Catholic Church was the only church which never changed is not supported by church history not even Roman Catholic history. How sad to realize that this false claim influenced so many to join or to stay in this false church which actually is the product of centuries of changes. Most of these changes came as a result of yielding to heathen customs and practices which were subsequently incorporated into Roman Catholic teachings and worship. The following is a partial list of heathen, unscriptural practices which became a part of Roman Catholic dogma over a period of seventeen centuries. Some of the dates given are approximate. In many cases, these heresies were even debated for years before being given the status of required beliefs:

1. Prayers for the dead. ……………………………….……300 A.D.
2. Making the sign of the cross ………………………… …300 A.D.
3. Veneration of angels & dead saints ……………….……..375 A.D.
4. Use of images in worship…………………………………375 A.D.
5. The Mass as a daily celebration……………………………394 A.D.
6 Beginning of the exaltation of Mary; the term, "Mother of God" applied a Council of Ephesus…………………………………………………………431 A.D.
7 Extreme Unction (Last Rites)………………………………..526 A.D.
8. Doctrine of Purgatory-Gregory 1……………………………593 A.D...
9. Prayers to Mary & dead saints ………………………………600 A.D.
10. Worship of cross, images & relics ……………………… …786 A.D.
11 Canonization of dead saints ………………………………....995 A.D.
12. Celibacy of priesthood …………………………………… …1079 A.D.
13. The Rosary ……………………………………………… … 1090 A.D.
14. Indulgences ……………………………………………… …..1190 A.D.
15. Transubstantiation-Innocent III …………………………… 1215 A.D.
16. Auricular Confession of sins to a priest …………………… 1215 A.D.
17. Adoration of the wafer (Host)…………………………….. 1220 A.D.
18. Cup forbidden to the people at communion …………………..1414 A.D.
19. Purgatory proclaimed as a dogma……………………………..1439 A.D.
20. The doctrine of the Seven Sacraments confirmed …………….1439 A.D.
21 Tradition declared of equal authority with Bible by Council of Trent… 1545 A.D.
22. Apocryphal books added to Bible …………………………….1546 A.D.
23. Immaculate Conception of Mary……………………………….1854 A.D.
24, Infallibility of the pope in matters of faith and morals, proclaimed by the Vatican Council ……………… 1870 A.D.
25. Assumption of the Virgin Mary (bodily ascension into heaven shortly after her death) ……………………………………………………………………1950 A.D.
26. Mary proclaimed Mother of the Church……………………… 1965 A.D.

Although some of the preceding Roman Catholic heresies are now being questioned by many, both inside and outside the church, none have been officially repudiated and all continue to be practiced by millions of Catholics around the world. The urgent need today is for Roman Catholics; yes, and all who claim to be Christians, to examine their own beliefs and the teachings of their churches by the only sure standard-the Bible. Whatever contradicts, adds to or subtracts from the sixty-six books of the Old and the New Testaments, is error no matter how many may cling to it.
Roman Catholics who read the Bible will soon discover that many Catholic teachings and practices are specifically forbidden by Jesus Christ Himself. Note carefully the following warnings given by the Lord Jesus Christ to the religious leaders of His day concerning vain worship, vain tradition and vain repetitions. All of these are particularly applicable to Roman Catholicism today.
Vain Worship-In Matthew 15:8-9, Jesus said, 'This people drawled nigh unto me with their mouth and honored me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. But in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the command men of men." All worship is indeed vain when it is based upon the commandments of men rather than the Word of God.
Vain Tradition-In Matthew 15:6b, Jesus said, 'Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition. "
(Note): Valid tradition is based upon Scripture and confirms it. Vain tradition is based upon man's teachings and violates it. In Roman Catholicism, tradition is consistently elevated above the Scripture which results in vain worship (no matter how sincere) and makes the commandment of God of no effect-a very serious matter.
Vain Repetitions-In Matthew 6:7, Jesus said, "But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking." A basic part of Roman Catholic worship is the frequent repetition of The Rosary whose origin is clearly tied to heathen religions such as Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism. Roman Catholics should listen to the words of Christ forbidding vain repetitions, rather than using the vain repetitions of Catholicism.
During the past forty years, at least three important trends in the Roman Catholic Church are clearly observable. These are: (1) A greater emphasis upon the place of Mary. (2) A major emphasis upon ecumenical activities with a view to seeking the full visible unity of all religions. (3) The acceptance of the so-called Charismatic renewal within the Church with new emphasis upon the claimed "ministry of the Holy Spirit." There is every reason to believe that all of these major trends will continue and increase; and, all of them are very deceptive, very dangerous, and very unscriptural.
The place accorded Mary in the Roman Catholic Church is not Scriptural nor is it new, but it cannot be denied that, during the last one hundred years, veneration of Mary has dramatically increased, Note in the historical chart given earlier in this article that the exaltation of Mary and the term, Mother of God, became official Catholic dogma in 431 A.D.). With prayers to her proclaimed in 600 A.D. But, note also that the "Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary" was not proclaimed until 1854; her "Assumption" not until 1950; and her title "Mother of the Church" not until as recently as 1965.
Some Roman Catholic observers believe it may not be much longer until Mary is officially proclaimed "Co-redemptrix with Christ." In fact, the premier issue of a new Roman Catholic publication, Catholic Heritage (Vol. 1, No. 1, Sept.-Oct. 1991) has the front page title: "Mary, Mother of the Church," and, in a Question and Answer column, the question is asked, "At the foot of the cross, Mary shared in the mystery of the passion. True or False? Answer: True. Mary united her sorrows to those of hey Son. The sorrowful and immaculate heart of Mary bled with her Son for all of mankind. For this reason, we invoke her under the title of Co-- redemptrix."
All of the popes during the past thirty years have done their part to increase the influence of Mary in the Roman Catholic Church based completely on tradition rather than upon the Bible. In the August 28, 1975 issue of the official Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, Pope Paul VI, speaking of the ceremony celebrated the day before in St. Peter's in honor of the Madonna at the Feast of the Assumption of Mary said, "Her venerated image, known as Salus Populi Romani' was carried in procession from St. Mary Major's as part of the Holy Year ceremonies, so that the overflow crowd of pilgrims, coming from all parts of the world, could see it and thus increase their devotion to her. In this way we should all be reminded of the meaning and practice of the cult of Mary, inseparable from the unique and central cult of Christ …Let us pray to her with humble, trusting and childlike faith."
Did you know that the present pope, John Paul II, has dedicated himself completely to Mary? In 1985, during his visit to Vancouver, B.C., the special souvenir edition of B. C. Catholic carried a full I page color photo of the pope under the caption, Totus Tuus which, in Latin, means" all yours. “The following explanation was given, "When Karol Wojtyla was consecrated bishop of Cracow by Pius XII in 1958 he took, 'Totus Tuus' (all yours) as his motto, thus presenting himself to Mary. In his first Urbi et Orbi message immediately after being elected pope he said, "At this difficult hour, full of fear, we must turn our thoughts with filial devotion to the Virgin Mary who always lives in the midst of Christ and exists as his mother. We must repeat the words, Totus Tuus which 20 years ago were inscribed into our heart and soul."'
Pope John Paul II has visited many of the major Shrines to Mary. He attributed his escape from death at the hands of a would-be assassin and the overthrow of communism in Eastern Europe to the intervention of Mary. Millions of Catholics are making pilgrimages to the various Marian shrines, seeking and often claiming miracles of healing and answers to their prayers to Mary. New apparitions of Mary and special messages from her are being claimed in various parts of the world. Yet, there is absolutely no Scriptural foundation for any of these beliefs or practices. Mary was indeed a virgin (pure sexually) so that she could fulfill the Old Testament prophecy that Christ would be born of a virgin (Isa. 7:14). She was a godly woman, but not sinless. As with all true believers in Christ, when Mary died, her soul and spirit went to heaven, but her body awaits the resurrection; she did not bodily ascend to heaven as did Jesus Christ. Nothing in Scripture indicates that prayers were ever offered to Mary nor that she was worshipped by anyone. Most of Roman Catholic teaching concerning Mary is based entirely on human tradition and contradicts the Bible, the Word of God.
The present ecumenical emphasis and activities of the Roman Catholic Church are also of recent origin. When Vatican Council I was held in 18691870, the invitation of the pope to the Orthodox Churches to participate was refused; and, his public appeal to "Protestants and all non-Catholics" to return to the only true fold" received resentful refusals. However, in the intervening years it became increasingly obvious to the Roman Catholic hierarchy that their church needed some serious updating, particularly with regard to relationships with other churches. In 1960, Pope John XXIII established the Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity; and, in 1962, he convoked Vatican Council II which he called "An ecumenical council for the universal church."
Less than a year later, Pope John XXIII died, but his successor, Pope Paul VI, who had attended four sessions of Vatican 11 before becoming pope, did everything possible to continue and expand the ecumenical emphasis. His expressed position was that the Roman Catholic Church could best demonstrate the validity of its teaching, not by condemnation or severity, but with the "medicine of mercy." His emphasis was upon "working for the full visible unity in truth among all Christians" and that this unity should extend also to non-Christians. This new approach of Vatican 11 was successful in gaining the co-operation of the major Orthodox Church bodies as well as 38 delegated observers from almost all the major Protestant denominations. Of course, Pope John Paul 11 has expanded the ecumenical emphasis in the Roman Catholic Church to unprecedented heights. While this has received high praise from religious leaders and denominations, the kind of unity sought by the Roman Catholic Church is contrary to the Bible. All unity purchased at the expense of doctrinal purity is satanic and deceptive. 2 Cor. 6:14-18, Eph. 5:11, 2 Tim. 3:1-17; 4:1-8. All who join hands in ecumenical fellowship with those who preach a false Gospel are under God's curse. Gal. 1:6-10.
The Roman Catholic Church was infiltrated by the false teachings and unscriptural practices of the Charismatic Movement in the early 1960's. Its influence within Roman Catholicism is growing rapidly. As always, the devil has a very clever way of compounding error while giving the results a more respectable appearance. Space limitations prevent a more comprehensive consideration of its past and present approaches but we have prepared other articles providing important details to all who might be interested in knowing why the Charismatic Movement and its teachings are so deceptive and dangerous. Once this movement became entrenched in the Roman Catholic Church, RCC leaders were quick to see that it would be to their advantage to encourage these teachings rather than to oppose them. They discovered that they could use the Charismatic doctrines and practices to help build the Roman Catholic Church by considering it a logical and needed "renewal movement within the church." An added factor was that those who had supposedly experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit felt a greater love and respect than ever for the Roman Catholic Church, including the Mass, the other sacraments, the veneration of Mary and all the other false teachings of Roman Catholicism. Many people are attracted to the displays of hearings, miracles, and other supposed demonstrations of Holy Spirit presence and power, not realizing that if this were a true ministry of the Holy Spirit it would lead them to a recognition and repudiation of the false teachings of Roman Catholicism. The Charismatic Movement, both within and outside of the Roman Catholic Church is not a movement of the Holy Spirit, but of a false spirit. John 16: 7-14; 2 Cor. 11:13-15.
Adding to the religious confusion of our day is the inconsistent, compromising position taken by the world's two outstanding evangelical leaders, Dr. Billy Graham and Dr. Bill Bright. Both of these men now praise and work with ecumenical apostates, charismatic deceivers and Roman Catholics which represents a complete reversal of their original, Biblical positions. Both are widely respected and have charming personalities, but their present willingness to work with anybody who "calls Jesus, Lord" completely ignores the warning Christ gave in Matthew 7:21-23. Billy Graham now sends Catholics who make "decisions" in his crusades back to the Roman Catholic Church with no warning of the false Gospel it preaches. Bill Bright even has Roman Catholics on his Campus Crusade staff. Both men thus disobey the Bible.
What about the Mass which lies at the very heart of Roman Catholic theology and worship? Is its observance based upon Scripture or Catholic tradition? What does Roman Catholicism teach as to its meaning and importance?
The Baltimore Catechism says: "It is a mortal sin not to hear Mass on a Sunday or a holy day of obligation, unless we are excused for a serious reason. They also commit mortal sin who, having others under their charge, hinder them from hearing Mass without a sufficient reason."
The Creed of pope Pius IV, an official creed of the Roman Catholic Church says, "I profess that in the Mass is offered to God a true, proper, and propitiatory sacrifice (that is, a sacrifice which satisfies the justice of God and so offsets the penalty for sin) for the living and for the dead; and that in the most holy sacrament of the Eucharist there is truly, really, and substantially, the body and blood, together with the soul and divinity, of our Lord Jesus Christ; and that there is a conversion of the whole substance of the bread into the body, and of the whole substance of the wine into the blood, which the Catholic Church calls Transubstantiation."
The Council of Trent declared: "The sacrifice (in the Mass) is identical with the sacrifice of the Cross, inasmuch as Jesus Christ is a priest and victim both. The only difference lies in the manner of the offering, which is bloody upon the cross and bloodless on our altars"; and, in Canon I stated: "Whosoever shall deny that in the most holy sacrament of the Eucharist there are truly, really, and substantially contained the body and the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, together with his soul and divinity, and consequently Christ entire, but shall affirm that he is present therein only in a sign and figure, or by his power, let him be accursed.,,
But what does the Bible say concerning the sacrifice of Jesus Christ upon the Cross? Hebrews 10:10-14, "By which will we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all. And every priest standeth daily ministering and offering oftentimes the same sacrifices, which can never take away sins: But this man [Jesus Christ], after he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of God, - From henceforth expecting till his enemies be made his footstool For by one offering he hath perfected forever them that are sanctified. "
What a difference there is between what the Bible teaches and what Roman Catholicism believes and teaches regarding the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross! The supposed continual offering up of Christ by the priests negates His finished work on the Cross. The Bible says, "For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit." I Peter 3:18.
Roman Catholicism makes salvation a long, complicated process with no assurance of eternal life and forgiveness of all sin; to faith in Jesus Christ is added Baptism, the Mass, Confession, prayers to Mary and the Saints, good works, and purgatory. By contrast the Bible teaches salvation by faith in Jesus Christ alone, not by sacraments, prayers or works. Eph. 2:8, 9; Titus 2:13. Bible salvation is God's free gift to any sinner who believes with the heart that Christ died for his sins and rose again for his justification. I Coy. 15:1-4; Rom. 10:9-13. Bible salvation gives immediate assurance of eternal life. I John 5:10-13. Carefully read and believe John 1: 12; 3:1618; 3:36; 5:24; 14:1-6; 20:30, 31. No church ever saved anyone, but Christ can and will save everyone who will come and trust Him as their Saviour. Acts 4:12; John 6:37; 10:27-30. Trust Christ today and be saved for all eternity!

[By M.H. Reynolds, reprinted from 
, Vol. XIII, Issue 1]
Fundamental Evangelistic Association 

Let him that is intelligent think and understand more about his religion. If worshiping idols is right even after knowing the dark truth, let him go on. In life, we all make choices. Religion and God are two different things that will never be equal or close to resemblance. 

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