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History of Democracy
Abraham Lincoln defined democracy as “a government of the people, by the people, for the people.” However, that was his idea of a democracy.
Today we’ll look at the origin of the word “democracy,” how it came about and why the great masses will always be victims of conspiracies and incidents they never anticipated.
Democracy, in Greek, means the rule of people. Each individual under a so called democracy is required to vote, and whoever has the most votes, wins. In 510 BC in Athens, Greece, the earliest democracy began and all adults who were citizens whether rich or poor had to vote. The poor people were so much happy albeit women were not allowed to participate in elections at the time.
When democracy turned out to work in Athens, many other city-states chose it for their government too. But most of them allowed even fewer people to vote than Athens did: most of the other city-states only allowed free adult male citizens to vote IF they owned land or owned their own houses (that is, the richer people). They didn't let women vote either.
One big problem for democracies was that it was very inconvenient for men to always be going to the meeting-place to vote. Most men had work to do, planting their grain, making shoes, fighting wars or whatever. They couldn't be always debating and voting. So most democracies sooner or later ended up choosing a few men who would do most of the voting, and the rest only came when there was a really important vote. It was hard to decide how to choose these few men, and different cultures did it different ways. Athens did it by a lottery. If you got the winning ticket then you were on the Council of 500. Men served for a year (and women couldn't serve at all).
Democracy spread around the Mediterranean Sea, but it was pretty much wiped out by the Roman Empire about100 BC. Still, places like Athens continued to use democratic methods to make their own decisions on local matters for a long time after that.
A thousand years later, in the Middle Ages, some cities in Italy - Siena, FlorenceGenoaPisa, Venice - went back to having a democratic government. These were all organized in slightly different ways, but none of them allowed the poor, women, or children to vote, and some had a lottery system like Athens.
Today many countries are democracies, and in most of them rich and poor, men and women have won the right to vote, though children and foreigners still can't. The amount of power available to voters, however, still varies widely from country to country.

Current Era Democracy
Thousands of years later, democracy still reigns the current world with so much that has changed and hidden from the citizens. Governments are happy with ignoramus citizens who care less about what happens due to distractions, diversions and divisions. They are too occupied, too blind and too deaf to observe the reality.
The Catholic Church had its era in the Roman Empire. It broke up years later to bring the current political arena that is witnessed in over 75% of all countries of the world. Leaders devised new ways to staying put in power, others found different ways of using the poor and middle lower class to bring down governments, and the list goes on.
Africa is one continent that to date has rigid, uncouth and savage leaders. The likes of Zimbabwe’s president, Sudan, Uganda and so many countries have experienced these barbarians clinging to power. Yet they term their forms of governments as “democracies.”
In our current world, democracy has grabbed itself a new meaning that if disputed, will only showcase the thirst for power. Democracy can then be defined as a gang of politically law-changing thieves, who use the law and their power to steal, loot and control the resources of the ignorant masses, at the expense of religion, propaganda and ignorance. In reality, a democracy is simply a Kleptocracy under a sheep’s wool.
Can we deny that our governments are lying to us? Can we deny that the government is controlling everything we own? Can we defend the bureaucrats who use the law to oppress the poor? Only a deaf, a mute and a blind man cannot fathom what really happens in leadership.
It is the duty of each head of state to abide to the laws of those with higher and mightier power than he or she is. They will control his mind, his decisions and when to leave office. And for what? Power corrupts, power misguides and power has so many benefits that even a poor man will wish to be the leader just for a day.
The Americans needed a bigger conspiracy to make the whole world believe that they are the superpower country by landing on the moon. It never happened…it was all set up to lure the whole nation and the world. Hitler fooled the whole world to believing that he was dead, yet he had escaped one week prior to the Soviets getting to Berlin, Germany. All democracies are made up of lies which give them the power to control the masses who will blindly follow anything they are told. Not so different to Oceania which lied to its people, according to Nineteen eighty four by George Orwell.
A lie repeated several times becomes a truth, undisputed and firmly believed by an ignorant person.
For democracies to stay in power, they all need strategies. These strategies are met at all expenses, even if its blood being shed. Africa is a good example of such forms of democracies. In 2007 and 2013, Kenya held its general elections in accordance to the constitution and democracy as they call it.
The current leaders had plans to stick in power despite the masses against them. At the expense of power, clashes and a political war erupted, killing and wounding thousands. The leaders at the time had nothing to say. Neighboring countries such as Uganda where the current president is an ally to Kenya was ordered to kill, if possible, any people who tried crossing the border. A court martial was to be issued if the president who allegedly claimed victory did not win. The same could be said for Ivory Coast, Uganda, Zimbabwe and so many countries.
But that should not make us think that only Africans are savages. In the USSR during the wars between social and political classes of 1920’s, Josef Stalin emerged the victor and the new leader. The next person who was appointed by Vladimir Lenin, one Leon Trotsky, was assassinated by Stalin due to his continuous threat. It was not a democracy per say but it is an example of what democracies do. It is known as vaporization. Every threat to the government is vaporized for the greater good of its sustenance.
In modern day Russia, Boris Nemstov, a great opposition leader in the country was recently vaporized due to his threats to Putin’s leadership. That is not the only country that still hunts down the opposition. We have Eugenio BerrĂ­os of Uruguay who knew too much and was assassinated; Martin Luther King Jr, Abraham Lincoln, John F Kenned, Malcom X, Che Guevara, Victor Jara, John Granville (a diplomat for the United States Agency for International Development in Sudan), John Paul Oulo (a human rights activist in Kenya, 2009) and the list goes one.
All these people and so many others that we cannot mention opposed democracies in one way or another through their speech, their actions and their truth of enlightening the masses. It is the price we all pay for the fake democracy we are so much in favor of. The same that lies to us, which kills our own people in claims of protection, the same that creates so called “terrorist” groups which do not exist, et cetera.
In The Prince, Machiavelli talks about several types of principalities that are widely observed in our current world. These are:
The types of principalities
Hereditary principalities, which are inherited by the ruler

In relation to our current world, almost every republic that claims democracy is actually more than Kleptocracy and monarchial in reality. Before elections are held in any state, a leader is known years or months prior to the moment. The elections and voting are all just a norm and routine to which people will believe in the system. The general masses must witness and see that they are not being cheated, but in the real sense, they have been fooled more than what their government preaches.

Mixed principalities, territories that are annexed to the ruler's existing territories

The second principality is that territories which do not belong to the country but seem to be of benefit are actually taken either by force, coercion or collaboration with the other government. An example is Crimea, annexed by Russia in an effort to bring back the great Soviet era, Migingo island in Lake Victoria, sold by the former president of Kenya to his ally, Museveni, Uganda’s president, Abyei in Sudan, Bakassi in Cameroon, Abu Musa in Iran, Swains island in the US, and so many others.
It should never worry anyone as it is all a democracy under control by luring the people.

New principalities, which may be acquired by several methods: by one's own power, by the power of others, by criminal acts or extreme cruelty, or by the will of the people (civic principalities)

This has no much difference to the second point as most if not all of these disputed lands will either be owned by the nation or by individuals who happen to be untouchable and above the law.

Ecclesiastical principalities, namely the Papal States belonging to the Catholic Church
The Vatican being a great example, controlled by the Pope where so much is hidden from the public.

He also goes on stating the qualities of each leader who has the opportunity to rule, in that he or she should make good use of his skills which are hardly wisdom. The leader must possess the following qualities as well:
a)      The leader should always wear a mask.
b)      The prince must be prepared to act against charity, humanity, and religion.
c)      The prince should always mask his acts and intentions concerning his basic morality
d)     The prince should avoid being despised or hated.
e)      The prince should acquire esteem through the accomplishment of great undertakings and examples of his great talents . . . he should strive in all his deeds to give the impression of a great man of superior intelligence.
f)       The prince should avoid inconsistency
In democracy, the same principle applies, only in a slightly twisted format. Following the set rules, it is easier to deceive the masses with a simple twist of the mind through simple acts of charity, dedication, love towards a certain despised idea, etc.
For democracies to maintain their power, they all need to control the mind of those who are its citizens. Mostly the poor. A poor man will do anything to survive. So they buy the simple minded people and use them to get information, otherwise known as spies or informers.
We have witnessed so much happening in our world during the 20th and 21st centuries, and very few people take note. Why? Mind control. Big entertainment companies are making billions of dollars to run their industries which act as the main tool for propaganda and brainwash. This is typical in both democracies and dictatorships.
In China, North Korea, Viet Nam, Russia, United States, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Africa and so many countries, governments are using propaganda to attain whatever they want. They control every mind with the switch of a button.
The media is the main tool for mind control. Day in day out, so much changes within hours and even seconds. Media houses are all controlled by some bigwigs to divert the attention of what’s happening. Soap operas are driving ladies and young men crazy into some kind of Utopia. Movies are all about revenge, hatred and killing of those against our ideals. Governments are using family and friends to track down those they term as bad influence to the society.
If all this can be achieved by the media, how about that which we do not know? How about that which the media cannot show? Yet anyone found saying a different story from what the media said is vaporized. SEAL team six, all vaporized and tuned to manipulate Osama bin Laden’s death…the CIA controlling the minds of every individual via simple programs such as Facebook and the likes.
Democracy should and must protect the interest of its people and not spy on them. It should help those in need and not kill them. It should be an example to people all over the world by portraying the truth and not lie to the masses due to their ignorance.
If not well said, democracy remains to be an evil idea of the mighty and powerful to control the weak minded people for their own selfish interests. It is a conspiracy against the people of this world. Unless we live by ignorance, lack of knowledge and self-deceit, democracy will always steal from us and take the little things we value most in our lives.
Knowledge is wisdom, and wisdom is a ‘truth’ each poor soul needs to possess…but the world is filled with ignoramuses who will only believe what their government says. The human weakness.

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