Saturday, 5 March 2016


Is life how we make it or how we live through it? Do the choices we make have any influence or it’s just a matter of fate? Have we ever wondered what would happen if we just sat back, ate, relaxed and spent all our days idling around? It’s a utopic idea.
Life is as hard to define, as it is to live in one. We seldom understand why we live and why we die, but we can tell how we lived by our character and associations.
Difficulties come in life to make us lose focus on what we were doing at that time, put us down and make us start again. With all that in place, it offers a new opportunity for us to make a fresh start on either something different or the same problem but with a better angle. I would say it’s a curse to be man, but animals and plants too would have the same idea. I would say God made a mistake of creating living creatures but he knows it already.
We would all blame one thing or the other for our misfortunes, our adversaries, our success, our friendships, our hatred, our poor or rich backgrounds, but all this was determined long ago. We are just fulfilling history as we make our paths through this world. Does it mean anything therefore to complain, to regret, to be sad, to be in grief or to look at ourselves with disappointments and shame?
It will do no good if we focus on the past and forget the future we have at hand. It will break us to the point of giving up and committing suicide to eradicate ourselves from the problem. Despite all that makes us sad about our lives, we have one thing we all look forward to: happiness.

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