Wednesday, 16 March 2016


It never costs much to be kind to strangers. They are human beings just like us. But how many have the heart of treating someone they do not know as someone they have known for long?
Is one word of kindness so difficult to say? Is one action that may change someone's life so impossible to do?
Most of us have ego, pride and mean characters that one little act of kindness, even a hi, can hardly be heard from us. Why don't we change that? it will not cost us a penny, our time, our friends, our lives. It will simply en lift a broken soul that longs for someone to break that silence and make them feel appreciated.
Kindness is a disease, it spreads from the giver to a new receiver, and keeps on the chain eventually back to oneself. Be Kind, Act Kind, Love Everyone and never judge someone we have no idea what happens in their lives. It may change them to be better people.Kindness is never expensive

Kindness is never Expensive

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