Monday, 28 March 2016

Religion and God: A Mad Man's belief of Infinity!!!

Before the 1900’s, religion mainly ruled most parts of the world. Their leadership was not based on will but on force. In the 21st century, not much has changed per say. Religion still controls governments, and governments still manage religion based on the common interest. But what is religion?
Religion can be defined as a cultural system of behaviors and practices, mythologies, world views, sacred texts, holy places, ethics, and societal organization that relate humanity to what anthropologists call “an order of existence” (Wikipedia)…or it can also be an organized set of beliefs used to worship a god or group of gods.
In life, all religions worship a certain supreme being who takes different forms according to their beliefs. The Supreme Being, surprisingly, vary from one religion to another. Some claim the being is peaceful, loving and generous, some claim the total opposite where their being actually is one mean and angry fellow, others claim he can be both. Whether the being is a he or a she, male or female, it does not matter as long as they have something to believe in.
We have wars, deaths, hypocrisies, conspiracies, lack of moral values and so much evil according to this religious beliefs.
In almost all these beliefs, there is always a culprit who takes the blame for all evil on earth. This culprit is deemed as the mother of all bad things we experience on earth, including our own foolishness and ignorance. They go on claiming that we were created in the image of this being, which seems to portray through our character. So what do we learn?
Several things. First, we come to realize that however bad man can be, this being also is. If it’s generous, man can also be generous; if it’s being envious and full of hate, man is also capable of being that. The list is endless. How comes all of man’s characters are identified from this being? How comes we have so many similarities yet still point fingers to one culprit, the devil so called, who has no idea on what is going on? What if religion and this being were merely an illusion of the mind?
We all believe without reason, defend our beliefs without understanding them, and pretend to know everything on earth from reading a few religious books which could only be a conspiracy to fool our minds into hiding our true nature.

Scientists read many books but still feel they know nothing. Religious men read only one book and claim to know everything.” - Unknown

If this Supreme Being exists, he created man for his own good. He created man to fulfill his bored life. He created man to play with his own intelligence in the various ways he can think at once. They say he’s omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. The world has a population of over seven billion people, yet he knows how each and everyone thinks. That is not all, he even controls the entire actions of each and everything that happen before they do.
What if he is just a story, a fairy tale like Big Brother of Nineteen Eighty Four whose existence was unknown to everyone?
One great philosopher and thinker of his time, Epicurus thought about this supreme being and came up with questions which to date have never been fully answered by the religious men of the world.

"Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?"

The same Supreme Being who lets evil nourish and puts the blame on the devil. Religion teaches men to hate the devil and resist his ways. How? How do we resist an evil force that does not exist in reality but only from the concept of some set of beliefs?
If it so occurs that the devil was a conscripted lie made by the same God to make man believe in him more and never deny his existence, how will the human race feel about all that has been happening? Cheap blackmail! This God knows everything before it happens and what will happen in the future. Why then blame some so called devil yet he planned for it? Why say the devil is responsible for all evil on earth yet the same God planned everything to happen as it will?
Accordingly, governments have the right to lie to its people as long as God lies to the human race. The created terrorism by the western governments is a just cause pursued for the interested of a few despite bloodshed. The eastern governments which oppress its own people have the right to do so for the same interests as the western counterparts. The UN has the right to create viruses and diseases through the WHO and spread it across the globe in order to control over the affected areas and take their natural resources by all means. The Belgians and Germans have the right to stay in DR Congo and continue in their pursuit for gold and other minerals under the UN in the expense of the poor African men. The list goes on.
If religions preach peace, love and unity, people should not be so rigid to change. One should be permitted and be free to convert to a religion of his or her choice. Muslims kill anyone who leaves Islam yet they preach peace and this so called Allah. Christians speak evil of any of their ‘sheep’ who converts to Islam, and even call him a ‘lost’ soul. Hindus do not permit anyone to get married to a person of another religion or race because they claim to be clean and perfect, yet their gods advocate for peace at times.
Main is controlled by his lust and quest for power such that he uses religion to misguide, abuse and misdirect his followers’ thoughts…yet the same God has all attributes observed in this man.
Religion is a mad man’s disease. Sticking to a peculiar set of beliefs observed on the earth has ruined everything, including his own mind. Nations have waged war, people have betrayed each other and lies have been injected into the minds of every individual under the name of this Supreme Being.
A sane man will never defend his beliefs because it is simply an act of faith and not certainty.
If this Supreme Being exists, he is in favor of all good and bad things that rake place on earth, and therefore the devil or some culprit responsible for all this is just a misdirected propaganda. On the other hand, if this being does not exist, the human race is still doomed to idiosyncrasy and manipulation of some great thinkers who existed before time.
Whether this God is real or not, religion has misguided and will continue to fool the great masses for its own benefits. It will continue to extort and manipulate the poor in faith and enrich those seeking their wealth without any fight but will. The era of force was over many years ago. People willingly give without being asked on the conviction that some God will bless or cure them.
If it was God’s plan that one should suffer, remain poor, die in the hands of a “terrorist,” fooled, etc., then who are we to stop the trend from happening? This God finds pleasure in the suffering of the human race. He is happy with the turn of events. If we cry, pray so hard, hope so much, do so much, nothing will ever change.
In conclusion, religion should never be a tool to judge someone else’s ideals or beliefs. It should not be the basis of excommunicating someone from family because he or she converted or married someone of a different faith or race. It should not be the currency of manipulation by some smart fellow who wants to extort the poor.
All religion is false in its teachings. They all lead people in the wrong way of hatred, envy, corruption, lies and all social evil. Is this Supreme Being, otherwise known as God, responsible? No! It is man’s foolish and selfish ambitions to manipulate his neighbor without showing his barbaric and savage characters.
Religion is the cause of all evil through man’s greed, lust for power and a high taste of death. Whoever claims strict adherence to a certain sect is as evil as the magnified devil of our time. The devil is simply man’s lust portrayed in action by men. He is not an imaginary being.

Man’s greatest mistake is the belief of a god through a certain set of beliefs passed down to him from some creative man who never had nothing, but obtained everything from the fool’s blind search for an impossibility.

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