Saturday, 5 March 2016

The African Man

Not so long ago, we witnessed some of the most horrifying deeds and acts against humanity in Nigeria, then came to Chad, South Sudan and its once again Burundi. What an amazing thing it is to be an African!
No one seems to give thought to what’s happening around us. Our leaders are in deep praise and advocacy for what seems to be happening. It’s a game changer for most of them. Then what happens to the ordinary man?
A life of poverty lingers for those who live below the average citizen, who by chance, make a higher percentage than the rest of the population. During cases of severe inhumanity, they are the ones who have to leave the cities or areas affected to safe havens, which is just another part of their country, hoping that there will be peace for them. They are the ones who weep more, who kill more, who get killed more and who fight the dirty war of numerous politicians. A very saddening face to witness.
But are we to blame them?  Definitely no. They are simply victims of circumstances.
Were we brought out of nothing by our creator to suffer and portray the last species of monkeys and baboons with some little intellect? Or are we suffering for some just cause, only to prove to the whole world that we are worthless and useless to the whole universe? It is so much disturbing to witness what happens in our continent. Yet, yet all of us or most of us claim to be attached to God in one way or another, praying to him every week and showing our love to Him. We can not assume that God is deaf.
Burundi is the last strong stand of a once deadly country. It has resurfaced again, this time, maybe the worse will be witnessed. The same fellows who happened to be involved in the Rwanda genocide now still want more of a red color to quench their thirst of blood. Something a white man sees as an opportunity to make money.
The United Nations, as superior as it is, condones this acts of insanity among the Africans, and even promote what happens around us. The African leader makes good use of the opportunity, the African man suffers more from the hands of his brother. What happened in Sudan, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Rwanda still remains in our hearts. With the UN offering little to no solution to maintain peace, and their frequent support to the smuggling of gold and precious minerals from the rich DRC, and its critical role to the occurrence of the Rwanda genocide and the Arab uprising, the UN proves to be a worthless and inadequate organization to Africa.
All that well said, the African man still needs to change from his natural barbaric and savage characters, to a civilized and reasonable man. War will never change the world, corruption and nepotism will never make us grow, and a foolish man will never learn no matter how educated he becomes.

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