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The Theory of Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism

Eric Blair in his book, Nineteen Eighty Four describes so much that is happening in our current world. The Politics and The Prince also try to explain the real motives behind leadership in every government in every part of the world. But what did Eric Blair think of to write such amazing works? 
At the time of his writing, USSR was undergoing so much that it needed someone to enlighten the masses. The Animal farm tried bringing out the concept of evil leaders who claimed to be on the side of the masses, yet back stabbed them. Hitler in his quest for power also used the same phrase in order to gain power and support from the foolish masses who were easily deceived by some propaganda. It is no different to what we are witnessing now. 
Governments are using ISIS, Al Qaeda and words like "terrorism" to win the masses. All this is modern day propaganda. 
In 1984, Blair talks about a country known as Oceania which is and always has been at war with Eurasia. The main character, Wilson Smith, in his mind knows very well that it is all hoax to fool everyone. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. But the masses believe nothing of the kind. They are brainwashed to believing that the government of the time under Big Brother is and will always be right. The government changes everything including recalling textbooks from schools which are then re-written to fit the current masses.
The story goes on to a chapter which will catch the attention of every reader who has ever or will ever read the book. The Theory of Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism, by Emmanuel Goldstein. This is a conspiracy book which is used by every underground member who wants to destroy the Big Brother government. Winston tries reading it, but only a few chapters. The rest is unknown.
In Oceania, the government kills its own people and claims that Eurasia attacked them. it goes on to claim more lives day in day out. In the same government, there are thought police and four ministries which are responsible for everything that happens from pornography to mind control. Notice any similarity with the current world? 
Long story cut short, the Oceania government teaches everyone that it is a perfect state with no flaws. The war claims more lives but no one knows the truth because the government has brainwashed everyone to believing what it teaches.

Let’s make a comparison to our current century:

a)      Before the American government invaded Iraq, it needed some sort of strong propaganda to gain access to the country. Osama bin Laden was used as Emmanuel Goldstein of 1984, to act as the bad guy under Al Qaeda. So, the government of US plans for the death of its people, the 9/11 attacks, which had to happen as an open gate to win the masses and to gain entry into the Middle East. But what for? Oil and free taxation. 
So they invade the country, collude with some local opposition and create a war between the Iraqis themselves. Thousands die but no one questions the Americans. And that’s how they get enough oil to do whatever they please.

b)      We go to the Arab spring. Was it a coincidence? No! It was all a conspiracy to remove Gaddafi from power because he refused to cooperate with the West. The French and British took some opposition, paid them, made them betray their president, and then war. As of now, Libya will never see peace. It was never about the Arab countries, it was about Gaddafi, Libya and Oil.

c)      Nigeria, same case. Boko Haram sponsored and armed by the West. Africans never learn. Kenya, Westgate attacks, Garissa University attacks. All planned by the government. What for? Without the Westgate attacks, Kenya Defense Force wouldn't have a good chance in Somalia. Amisom is funded by the UN and American government. Why can't they come? They need a brother to kill another so that they take no blame.

d)     France attacks, the recent Brussels attacks, all government conspired. The CIA controls almost everything, from the thinks we think to the things we witness. No one questions them.

There is never a coincidence. It is all a conspiracy talked about by Wilson Smith in 1984. Emmanuel Goldstein, the villain in the book, knows the truth, but we are not told whether he exists or not. Why all this? World dominion requires fooling the masses, killing the masses and telling them propaganda to earn their trust. A lie told several times becomes a truth, said Hitler. He knew the weakness of the human mind. 

Below is a summary of what the book by Goldstein talks about: 

Global Stalemate
1.      The three super-states of the world, Eurasia, Eastasia and Oceania, are each large enough to sustain the needs of their own populations and so don’t need to fight each other for resources. At the same time, each is powerful enough by itself that it cannot be conquered by the other two, so all three are in a kind of global stalemate.
Never-ending war
2.      Although they do not need to fight each other, they do. The borders don’t change much, but the war never stops. Never-ending war is used by all three as a way of consuming the products of human labor. If this work were be used to increase the standard of living (which is how it is under capitalism), individual groups would gain more knowledge and education and therefore political power, so the control of the Party over the people would decrease, and the Party might fall. In 1984, continuous war is the economic basis of a hierarchical society – where the Party controls the top and the proles are at the bottom
"War is Peace."
3.      In becoming continuous, war has ceased to exist in any sense of the word we know today.
The different sides are not trying to win anything. The continuity of the war guarantees the permanence of the current world order. In other words, "War is Peace."
An emotional focal point
4.      Big Brother was created as an emotional focal point for people to connect to with their feelings, in the same way we might send feelings of hope, fear, reverence or the need for protection out to a president or other leading figure. There is an emotional need to believe in the ultimate authority of and victory of Big Brother. Whatever Big Brother says is “the absolute truth” because he is the one saying it. By this standard, anything not in line with what Big Brother is saying must be false (even if it came from Big Brother) and so is thought crime.
The Upper, the Middle and the Lower.
5.      Throughout history, there have always been three main strata of society; the Upper, the Middle and the Lower. At different times the Middle Class has gotten the Lower Class to support it in conquering the Upper Class and taking power (this is revolution), but then the old Middle Class becomes the new Upper Class and clings to power just like the ones they defeated used to. The Lower Class, on the other hand, never gets anywhere, but they have always been deceived by promised of equality. Until Big Brother came along, this cycle never ceased.
No basis for comparison
6.      By controlling every emotion and every form of media, the Party ensures that no one at any level has a basis by which to compare their lives to anything better. This, combined with doublethink. This is how the Party is able to tell obvious lies (“everything is getting better”) and have people believe them without question.

“The essence of oligarchical rule is not father-to-son inheritance, but the persistence of a certain world-view and a certain way of life, imposed by the dead upon the living.”
This book explains the how and why of the current government of Oceania. This state of existence is not natural in any way or predestined; it is the result of the concentrated efforts of a select group who placed into motion a chain of events designed to perpetuate their own power.

Chapter 1: Ignorance is STRENGTH
The three states essentially coexist with limited contact; that contact is primarily through WAR As long as they maintain the same level of skill, TECHNOLOGY and RESOURCES no one state will win over the other. Because there is no contact between the citizens of the states, the super states are able to rule as DICTATORSHIPS
In the history of man, society has always divided itself into three classes: upper, middle, and lower. The high class wants to remain in power. The middle class wants to REPLACE the upper class. The low class wants a society that has no CLASS DISTINCTIONS when revolution occurs, THE LOWER and MIDDLE classes join forces. After the revolution, the original LOWER class is in the worst position. The people who founded Oceania and the other states wanted to stop the PENDULUM which swung back and forth determining which people had power.
Typically, the upper class has fallen because of four reasons. They are CONQUERED FROM THE OUTSIDE, THE MASSES REVOLT, MIDDLE CLASS REBELS, and THE UPPER CLASS LOSES THE WILL/CONFIDENCE TO GOVERN IngSoc was founded with the explicit agenda of perpetuating INEQUALITY and unfreedom. In order to do this, they realized they must control not only the ACTIONS of the citizens but their MINDS as well. The philosophy they adopted was called COLLECTIVISM essentially, the power base is shaped like a PYRAMID. BIG BROTHER is at the apex, followed by the inner party, the outer party, and the proles. You were not born into a class; instead when you were 16, you WERE TESTED in order to determine your placement within the society (though this is typically the class you were born into). If you were excessively SMART/GIFTED then you would be eliminated. If instead you were merely talented and therefore likely to think independently, you would be placed in
THE OUTER PARTY to maintain the system, IngSoc is supported by a controlling group known as the THOUGHT POLICE. The worst and only crime that a citizen can commit is to THINK (not act) differently than what the party desires.

Chapter 3: War is PEACE
There are three super states which occupy specific geographic locations. They are: Oceania which occupies the lands of THE AMERICAS, BRITAIN, AND AUSTRALIA, Eastasia which occupies CHINA, SOUTH ASIA AND JAPAN, and EURASIA which occupies the Northern part of Europe and Asia from Portugal to the Berlin Straight.
Consequently these states do constant battle over THE POLES and AFRICA. Each state has a different belief system. For example, Oceania believes in IngSoc or English Socialism. Likewise, Eastasia believes in OBLITERATION OF SELF/DEATH WORSHIP and Eurasia in NEO-BOLSHEVISM. Despite these very different states, they all function pretty much the same. They wage battle in the “no-man” lands in order to gain a limited amount of physical resources and LARGE “SLAVE” POPULATIONS This also helps the states because they are able to rid themselves of SURPLUS GOODS which is necessary if they are going to keep their populations at a low comfort-level. A low comfort-level denies people the opportunity to think and question society. Scarcity allows for a few small LUXURIES like chocolate, tobacco, and servants which allows the people to see themselves as members of the high, middle, or low class. A state organized as a HIERACHY/OLIGARCHY/TOTALITARIANSIM with different classes must be in a constant state of war.
Because the war is constant, it has essentially stopped being DANGEROUS No country wants to or intends to WIN the war.

The conspiracies will never end as long as the masses are too foolish to understand that their governments are fooling and using them. It is the duty of any citizen to overthrow his or her government if he feels cheated, unsafe, unprotected and used for some evil ambitions. For those who have an open and curious mind, understanding will come like a tired man's dreams. 

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