Saturday, 5 March 2016

The Third Side of a Coin

Atheists believe there is no God. Religious men believe he exists and the world will soon end. The battle between the two is justified only by the things we see, hear and read, which barely form a good and sane judgement. However, there are some who are neither in the two groups nor claim any allegiance. It is all folly, Solomon would have told both groups.
Several years back, the world new nothing called terrorism. It came up in the 21st century, and for those who have a good history background, the word came from the West. But that’s just a thought of another day.
The Kenya Defense forces alias KDF, were recently attacked and murdered by their rivals the Al Shabaab. The whole country went into mourning over the fallen soldiers they termed as “heroes.” How absurd and surprisingly insane.
The president of the republic decided to make a public speech from his safe cocoon sending condolences o the family of the bereaved. The media went out loud as they do to make the matter a national concern to every citizen, some who neither cared nor wanted to hear.
In some places, the politics and death of those men made them argue and talk much on what is to be done to avoid more deaths of “innocent” men. Well, are they innocent? An imperialist who sends a saint at war makes the saint a sinner.
Despite all this conflict of word and guns, there is another side of the coin that is so much ignored and taken for granted.
As much as it was sad for those soldiers to die, and as much as it was happy for the Al Shabaab’s victory and a very good sign of poor governance in Kenya by its government, there is something that we should all learn. It is the tendency of every Kenyan to complain to its government of so much it fails at without looking at the other side of the coin.
Two facts come straight: the KDF has never been to any war, and the death of those men will end up reducing pot bellies, turkey necks and laziness in all barracks. The men have died, weeping will never bring them back. Crying to the government over the KDF’s stay in Somalia will not be a promise. What the masses can do is to hope the army learns from its mistakes, the politicians stop their nonsense and gibberish about Kenyatta in public despite his poor leadership skills, and appreciate whatever little the government does for every citizen.
If we learn to embrace and appreciate the little we get with all forms of bad governance in place and be smart, the country will grow and victory will always be around. After all, it takes one to show the other the way if he’s lost. We don’t have to believe in God to think of that. Common sense, however rare, is inside each one of us.

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