Saturday, 26 March 2016

What is Truth?

Several days ago while on my way to town, i happened to sit next to a lady who seemed to be in her late thirties, but appeared more mature and civilized. Half way through the journey, the lady received a phone call from his son who seemed to be in dire need of a driver's license, but did not want to go to a driving school. So the mother called a police officer in the traffic department to set up a driver's license for the son at a good fee.
On noticing that the driver and i had put our concentration on her conversation, she tried reducing her voice and finished up with the guy promising to call her in a few minutes. I did not understand why she would seek to use a shorter way of helping her son even if its blood. I was so disappointed by the lady's behavior that made me immediately look down on her.
She's not the first of her kind. There are so many elderly people of her caliber and even higher, who use short cuts for everything they do in life.
What is truth, and why is it so difficult to find one who keeps to the truth?
Our current world is filled with so many lies such that they become the small 'truths' we claim to have an idea of. Parents are grown ups. Every kid looks up to his or her dad before deciding on which path they would take in life. If the dad or mum is a drunk, one of the kids will obviously take the path. If the parents are good people in the society, the kids will put their characters on trial on their parent's reputation.
Governments are made up of adults and grown up men who are ill bred, ill mannered, uncouth and basically thieves of the state. They call the youth and children 'leaders of tomorrow' because tomorrow will still find them in power, and the promised men, dead or old. Should we expect that one day governments, leaders and religious institutions will one day command the attention of the growing masses? The answer is No!
Leaders are liars. The government, religious institutions, schools and every place on earth is controlled by this small 'truths' which take away the ideal character of a good person.
With time, the church has been involved with deaths of millions of people, yet they termed it as religious war. Islam has had its name tarnished from a few culprits who think they know the truth. Schools, colleges and all learning institutions teach ancient things which control the mind of the growing generation. We are all taught how to lie and cheat from the moment we set foot in a school.
As to what is truth, that we will never know. The human mind is so small to grasp the concept of truth. Whatever we think is truth to us may be a lie to someone else. Its all folly, said Solomon.
All in all, truth is indefinite, insecure, mean and hidden from man. If we all knew what truth was, God would never have had fun as much as he has now. We have to make his world as he wants us to. By doing so, he'll claim power over man and the whole universe. Otherwise, he ceases to exist in reality, and only in our minds.
The Truth shall and will never set us free.

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