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What we Can Learn from the Zapatistas, EZLN..!!!

The Zapatista Army of National Liberation (Ejército Zapatista de Liberación NacionalEZLN) is a militant group in Southern parts of Mexico, founded in the early 90's. It is the strongest, perhaps, militant group in existence in the 21st century. Technically, it is not a militant group but a freedom fighters gig. The modern day Che Guevara's revolutionary gigs. We could term it as the greatest and most successful so far.

However, freedom does not come easily. The Zapatistas have lost so many of their members in the conquest of trying to protect their indigenous localities, cultures, traditions and unity. 
Their leader, Subcommandante Marcos is one of the most admired figure after other leaders of the current century such as Jose Mujica, who served their people without any discrimination of color, race or social status. They call him the modern "Che."
Under Marcos, the Mayan culture has maintained its extinct nature and has nourished more than other parts of Mexico. They have good schools, better health care, security, food and so much that democracies lack. But, Marcos does not only believe in true democracy, he practices it. True democracy is hard to come by, and any leader in any state can barely put it into action.
The women have access to the same rights men have. They have equal share as men. They can do what men can do, and so much. 
What is so interesting about Subcommandante Marcos is that he is not a native of the area, but rather migrated to the place after what he saw the people needed. Can't we term this as great admiration? Can't we say that true leaders who understand people have an inner drive to help those who have need more help than they do?
Mujica was greatly admired by people all over the world due to his simple nature and lifestyle. He humbled himself in front of everyone no matter how small. Christians can call him the modern "Jesus Christ" though he was not as rude and arrogant as Christ was. Che Guevara traveled from his country to other continents to help them in their struggle for independence. Martin Luther King Jr stood for what he believed in before he was assassinated. John F Kennedy had a strict stand against policies that were not in favor of the Americans before he's execution by Mossad and the CIA. Great men.
Back to Mexico, EZLN has changed the life of people living around the area of Chiapas, giving the masses something to believe in. Marcos believes that the government is the people who decide everything it has to do. In Chiapas, the government like structure depends on the opinions of the masses.

In almost all countries, Mexico included, leadership is held by the mightier and powerful who control everything. When democracy was first established in Greece, the poor had a say...just all all poor people had during the birth of most countries. With time, the poor were denied the right to vote, making them no different to slaves. 
In comparison to the 21st century, the poor man's vote counts no less than that of a slave in the previous centuries. Governments decide leaders before people actually elect them. President Obama was appointed years before the Americans cast votes. That was in the 90's. The Americans never knew that. In Kenya, president Kenyatta was to take over power by all means. Was it known? Yes. When his father died, his appeal was that his son should sit in power when time comes. And so Kenyans went into elections to elect someone who had to be in power. 
Zimbabwe, Uganda, Nigeria, Sudan and so many African nations have the same disease. In Eurasia, Russia, France, North Korea, China, Viet Nam, etc. all suffer from the same virus. The Americas are not left out.
Why don't we learn from icons like Marcos, Mujica and the rest who gave everything for the sake of humanity, their people and equality? Power corrupts they say. Religion, governments and politics all share the same fate. The papacy is a political seat where the weak cannot get to. Governments are a rich man's soccer field. Education is modern corruption of the human mind, inclusive of the media.
What we should learn from EZLN is that leaders exist. A good leader will sacrifice his life for the sake of his people. he should make sure the masses get the best from the little they have as long as they have something to  look forward to. A good leader must not conspire against his people, kill his people or even lie to them.
However, its all a Utopia. A dream that can only be achieved by the strong and bold. A dream that Marcos has tried fulfilling for his people. 
If all can be achieved by simple humility and self sacrifice, then the world may never know war. But lustful grown up thieves in governments and high positions corrupt the system to their favor. 
Subcommandante talks about world war three and four which we are witnessing in our current world. The Cold war and capitalism constitute the third world war which happened immediately after world war world war four, money is the new weapon. It creates and destroys countries, it creates diseases and viruses which never existed before, all to wipe out the human race and leave it for the few, and is also threatening economic globalization under financiers such as the IMF and World Bank.
What else should we not learn from EZLN? Our countries are hiding facts in favor of a few people who own the whole nation. The blind will always believe the media and never think. The wise will question their beliefs and ideals. The neutral ones will care less about everything because they believe they cannot change a thing.
Revolutions are an easy strategy to educate the masses if the people are willing to be open and give a listening ear to facts, which the government finds as threats to its position. 
Long Live Marcos..! The world can be changed only if we believe in our inner selves.

(EZLN Anthem)


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