Friday, 29 April 2016

The Mystery of Life and Death

"I was brought to this earth over two decades ago. It was not my wish but i had to come anyway. I was somewhere much better, free from envy, false love, hate, lies and agony. That night, my earthly mother held me, full of blood, with a smile on her face. I was a blessing to her life as well as my father's. It became my birthday afterwards, but i've only had it once. Commemorations of the humans in remembrance of such a day only makes me wonder if they still will fit in the passage they came through, every year.

Three years later, my beloved father tragically passed away. My mum was so disappointed as i was, but i was too little to understand. Life had to move on.

Seven years later, my mum had to also follow my father. I don't know why but i think she was missing him. She had to let us all alone in this cruel world. Life had to go on.

Now am an adult, trying to narrate my story to the whole world, hoping someone will feel what am going through. I had siblings, but they also had their ways to make. I have seen the dark side of life, and my only way out is 'two for the road' or death. Why am i alone? Why am i on this earth with the pain and sadness always with me? I wish i was never born..."

There is one thing we all face in life, either one time or another, depending on our situations: disappointments. Is it normal for a car to break down? Yes. is it okay for a couple to quarrel at least once in their lifetime? Yes. Is it good for man to wage war on another? Yes. Is it good that we all need to die??? Uncertain.

  "Once we begin to grow, we start to die."

Death is one right of passage we all need to adore and appreciate. It means that we begin a life outside the physical world. In the ancient world, myths and legends were famous and they gave people hope in life. One such legend or myth was about a bird known as Phoenix. The myth has it that the bird lives for so many years. When it realizes that it's about to die, it flies to the tallest and highest mountain, makes a nest and dies.

The process of death to the phoenix is symbolized by its dead body, turning into ashes which  reincarnates itself back to a young and beautiful bird once again. The process of rebirth gives it more energy, more life and more hope. And therefore, the bird never truly dies, but changes from one form to another maintaining the same shape, beauty and size with time.

For man, death transforms him from spirit, to man and back to spirit in some unknown place we have no idea about. Theoretically because it has not been proven yet. therefore, to man, death is life and life is death. For us to understand the mysteries of life and death, we have to ask ourselves why women cry while giving birth. For us to understand more about the mysteries of life and death, we meed to know why people cry when we die.

We as humans, are always crying in both events because we understandeth not of what it means to us. We are so mean, always in want of the best for ourselves forgetting that life goes on. There is never death. People need to die so that they begin a life that we never understand. it is a stage where we move from one level to the next. It is actually growing up in life.

Do we therefore need to die? Yes. Maintaining one life state on earth forever would have been so boring...unless of course we are some supreme creatures amongst men. Disappointments will always be a part of the human life until we realize that there's more to life than what meets the eye. They will always transform us to better people.

Whether the governments around plan for our deaths, whether some 'terrorists' make explosives to take away our lives, whether we get accidents and pass away, it should not be a good reason for us to weep and cry our hearts out as much as we want to, it should provide us with understanding about the change we should always anticipate. Without death, there is no life; without life, we'll never have death. What matters is what we did while we still had our human forms, while we were still alive. Thats it. Thats all it is.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The Truth about Love...(a)

One-hundred-and-seventy-nine years ago, a 24-year-old Soren Kierkegaard met 14-year-old Regine Olsen and fell in love. He waited nearly three years to profess his love and pop the question — then after just 13 months, grew anxious over the prospect of being a loving, attentive husband and broke things off, completely devastating Olsen. Kierkegaard wanted to make things work but feared his devotion to both Christianity and his work would make for an unhappy marriage, and so he got out while the getting was good and lived the rest of his life a celibate bachelor (which is sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy as he once said, “My melancholy is the most faithful sweetheart I’ve ever had”)

Everything we do in our daily lives is surrounded by this thing we call "love." We struggle day in day out to fulfill our love to either someone or something we think we care so much about. It may be our families, our children, our lovers both the known and unknown, our religious beliefs, our leaders, et cetera...which at the end of the day, we question our intellect on whether we achieved what we wanted or not. 

Love is a grave mental disease that many people do not take note of, as Plato once said. The whole idea about the belief in this 'love' thing is that the person expressing it to someone or something, has to benefit something in return. It is simply blackmailing the other person and fooling him or her or it, to fulfilling our heartily desires without being direct. Thomas Hobbes, a philosopher during his time, said that "Love is a person's idea about his/her needs in other person what you are attracted to."

So what is love?

Since age immemorial, not one definition of love has ever been accepted universally as true. Cultures around the world have defined it according to what they claim to know. What we only know from all those differences is the attributes of love. A good example is the most popular letters to the Corinthians from Paul. 

(Corinthians 13: 4-8): Love is patient, love is kind; love is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. Love never ends.

In other words, love is one foolish, open minded and blind idea that is not practical according to Paul. If love is not patient, kind, jealous or boastful, then marriages would never have worked. We could all share wives without any disputes. It bears all things, believes everything, hopes all things, and endures, such wonderful attributes that cannot be found in love. Also, it never ends. Would it be true, there would have been a declining rate in divorces, wars and rape cases. Such irony!

Thinking about love critically makes us wonder if we are really doing the right thing to those we claim to love or even to the things we do in life. We all aim for peace, but peace is based on love. We all aim for jobs, good education, financial stability, but it is still based on love. 

Love can hence be categorized into three groups which totally distinguish 'love' as a general word for misunderstanding the real meaning in different contexts, as well as the lack of language to express them. English is a great language but still poor in expression.

a) Parental Love
In the Conquest of Happiness, Bertrand Russell writes that, "The relations between parents and children are in nine out of ten cases a source of dissatisfaction for both sides, and in ninety-nine out of one hundred a source of suffering and agony at least to one of the sides...The adult, who wants happy relations with his children, or wants to provide them with a life of happiness, must think deeply about fatherhood..." (Russell, 1930, p. 120)

Every parent says that s/he loves his or her child. On the contrary, they do not really love them as they claim. It is an obligation they have towards the child, which if violated, may lead to legal disputes as well as some 'curse' for those who are religious. And so the obligation turns into what they term as love because there is no other word to express the connection.

The parent, being human, strives to make his or her life better. They have ambitions, goals and aspirations of their lives. They are not only tied to the children but also to something they look forward to. The child likewise has his her goals and plans for the future. 

If two vehicles pull each other, either both drivers stop and make peace, or they keep on and each goes his way or they break their vehicles. Similar to families, since both parents and children have different mindsets and goals, they have to agree on what they both want which will in turn favor both of them. So the parents educate the child in hope for him or her to help them someday. The child is obligated to work hard and have a good life in order to support the parents at old age. This in real sense in not love, but an inter-dependent cycle of survival. "Scratch my back I scratch yours."

With time, both the parents and children grow distant as they mature in age and experience putting them under one class of adulthood. The child becomes a man or woman independent in most cases, and the parent no longer holds his/her custody. He becomes a citizen of the world and belongs to everyone. Where is love in this case?

 b) Love from another Person
In all our life's struggles, the least we expect from someone is some expression of love. Our parents are our mentors. They met, loved, lived and died still together. For those lucky enough to be in one marriage till death. The cycle goes on, just as insects go from egg to larvae to pupa and finally to adult.

But is this really love? We all look for salvation from our loneliness, our desperate-for-attention, and our ego by finding someone to place our burdens of life to. It's more of dependence and satisfaction which goes both ways. A quote from John Ciardi states that, "Love is the word used to label the sexual excitement of the young, the habituation of the middle-aged and the mutual dependence of the old." So much truth in those words.

Theodore Reik, a great psychologist, shares the same idea with Ciardi. In his work, he states that "People seek out love and especially passion when life is disappointing and when they need someone else to fill the void within." 

Some people seek salvation in love, much as other people do in religion, hoping to find in another the perfection they cannot find in themselves. At first, they may well think that salvation is at hand. Early in a relationship, their partner may indeed seem to be just what they are looking for, and their being in love is tantamount to being saved – from the world and from themselves. But eventually disillusionment is almost certain to set in. They discover two facts. First, the other person has flaws: they cannot maintain the illusion of perfection is the face of ever more evidence that the partner is not, in fact, perfect. Second, no other human can save them, not even the love of their life. 

Isn't this the truth behind love between two people? The weak men and women in the society find it impossible to live and have a life on their own without leaning to someone, yet there is so much to be done on earth for the human race.  

It goes on,

Perhaps one can save oneself, but one cannot expect or even ask this of another. People have either to adjust to a new kind of love or else forever live with the disappointment of knowing that they cannot find salvation through love of another. Of course, some people take a third course: they try to find someone else to save them and once again reenter the cycle of high hopes followed by disappointment. (Sternberg, 1998, p. 126; Reik, 1944). 

Thus we cannot live by ourselves and we become dependent on other people for our lives. Our parents are so dependent on each other, our friends are so dependent on us, our government is dependent on us as citizens. At long run, we all become bugs like ticks on cows, and cannot live in happiness and enjoy life without the other person. This is not love, its over-dependence on someone who might fail us some day.

We become so obsessed to people that we become weak by ourselves. We claim to love hem so as to cover our known motives to them. We lust for their bodies for satisfaction in return of our emotional, physical and financial needs but none of us is brave enough to say it out loud for the fear of loneliness and rejection. 

Shakespeare's greatest works apart from his plays include short sonnets which became so famous after his death till this day. One of his notable sonnets, sonnet 130: My mistress's eyes are nothing like the sun, goes on like this:
My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun;
Coral is far more red, than her lips red:
If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun;
If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head.
I have seen roses damasked, red and white,
But no such roses see I in her cheeks;
And in some perfumes is there more delight
Than in the breath that from my mistress reeks.
I love to hear her speak, yet well I know
That music hath a far more pleasing sound:
I grant I never saw a goddess go,
My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground:
And yet by heaven, I think my love as rare,
As any she belied with false compare.

 Would it be false to state that lust of the flesh is termed as love by both men and women to cover their direct goals? Of course not, it is poetic of every man, every woman and every child to express his words to those they think they love in this way so as to cover the lust their hearts await. 

This is by no means, not love.

 c) ............ continues

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

A Letter to the Human Race

To Humanity,

Times have changed since the beginning of time. Days, months and years are turning into prolonged periods of pain, agony, regret, deaths and more unnecessary havoc on our planet. What wrong have we done as men of our beautiful planet earth?

In the Beginning,
...there was the earth, formless, beautiful, full of life and every creature loved being on earth. Both man and beast lived as one until the betrayal that doomed humanity. The love once seen was lost. The world once happy and unanimous disappeared. Humans started war against fellow humans, against beast and against nature. The world started out in chaos just shortly after birth.

People were born from each corner, some tall, others short, some dark skinned, others light skinned, some fat, others slim and nature had its way. The slight error made in the beginning made our creator curse us, curse our life and make us slaves to our own ego. Despite all that, life had no way of stopping or even pausing for a moment, it made us adapt to the situation.

We learned to live as brother and sister despite our differences. We embraced harmony for a while, fought, made peace, fought and the circle still goes on.

During Growth,
As a young man makes errors while growing, so did man and beast repeat our own mistakes. We still have no love towards one another. We hurt other people but do not recognize the pain we cause them. We oppress the poor, we steal from the rich, we conspire to overthrow our own elected leaders, we kill in order to stay in power and most importantly, we make everyone regret the life they have on earth.

We started two world wars based on propaganda and ego. We killed for lust and not for unity. We embraced hate. We traveled to other countries to colonize them for their own resources instead of helping them grow. We lied to Africans by treating them as comrades and back stabbed them, yet we are the same people who preached love from the Holy book.

As life goes on, we realize the mistakes we made and learn from them. But instead of making them go away, we devised new ways of increasing oppression to the weak by controlling their governments in pretense of giving them aid. The weak grow weaker, the oppressed get more oppressed and the rich and wealthy gain more weight than an elephant. Are we still talking about man or beast?

Our best brains are in science labs creating biological weapons under international bodies so as to eliminate our opponents. Ebola, HIV, STD's, etc are good examples of modern day biological warfare. Some are in military camps developing nuclear and sophisticated weapons for "protection" against our own selves instead of our enemies. As if that is not all, we are lending the same deadly equipments to our enemies to help us fight those we cannot eliminate for the fear of starting another world war. "After all, they are "terrorists" and not our own blood."

But that is not enough. Wars will cause the whole world to know what is happening. The WHO, which will be discussed later, improves on its research to understand the weaknesses of man and to create one virus or bacteria that will wipe out the human race.

What is it we have brought upon ourselves that makes us so hard-hearted against our fellow men? Whether one is black, Jew, Russian, Chinese, American, Arab, we are all brothers. Whether i decide to kill my fellow men in defense of my religion, am still human. We are all brothers but we fail to realize that one simple thing. It does not cost a dime to embrace a stranger as a friend, and definitely it won't hurt to appreciate someone we do not know.

After Growth, 
As we move along, our ambitious and selfish lives bring us to one common pause. One thing that tries to bring us back to the path we once had. Decay.

The world we have created is faced with challenges that we never experienced before. We are faced with global warming, melting of ice caps, increase in water levels, prolonged drought and rainy seasons and an unpredictable weather pattern that we do not understand. We are faced with earthquakes in Asia, hurricanes in the US, drought in Africa, forest fires in Australia, and all this cannot be explained in detail.

We are increasing in knowledge but on what? Things we will in some years to come never understand why and how they happen. Is it our own doing? Yes! Man forgot that he was the center of creation. he forgot that he was to look after the earth as his home, and as the home of beast as well. He forgot that he had a responsibility on earth. But he was too greedy to realize that there's more to life than fighting for possessions, which we'll die and leave to someone who will not be grateful over the accomplishment he had.

Are we too rigid to know the difference between life and living? Are we too foolish to understand that living is something attainable but life needs unity? Are we too mean, too self centered to help a fellow brother or sister we do not know? If so, then life on earth is no longer with us. We are a living generation that do not know anything about life.

In the end, we will have a world full of disease, natural disasters, wars, pain, cries of lost sons and daughters, civil disputes, lies and conspiracies. Modern day slave trade through unions such as the World Bank, the IMF, the UN and our puppet governments will make us realize that life is so much different from living. Enlightenment and knowledge are two different things. We study for knowledge, but we attain enlightenment from knowledge well applied. We can either embrace our fellow men on earth and live as one or kill one another in search of our own self-centered ambitions which will end up tearing us down.

The life of man is more precious than silver and gold. It is more precious than that of something that we won't take with us to the grave. Should we therefore embrace the human race no matter how sinful or uncouth it is? Should we embrace a brother from another mother who lacks love? The best gift one can ever give to someone is the love he or she has without judging where they are from. It is the best gift a street kid will ever get from someone who shows appreciation. Money, cars, wealth, education, they will never offer anything close to that.

That said and thought of, what is more to the human race? Unity. We are fighting a battle we won't win if we are divided. If we stop funding crimes against humanity in terrorist groups such as ISIS and blame them, if we stop funding Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab and all mujahideen groups to fight against the human race, if we stop lying to the masses just because we are in government, if we stop creating biological weapons to kill the people in DRC for their gold, if we stop clinging to power despite our time elapsing, if we stop using laws to oppress those who are weak, if we stop exploiting the poor for their cheap labour, if we deny women the chance to go  to school, if we deny the young men from getting education,IF,,,then we'll have a better humanity.

The little things we do to strangers, to our own selves and to the world with passion and a clean heart will always change the life of someone else in one way that we'll never understand.

"Live for nothing, but die of something."

With Love,

Harakiri - Serj Tankian

Monday, 25 April 2016

A Short Story about Life

"Life is a big play written by an unknown author. We are just the characters in the play. Whether we like each other or not, we'll only have one part to play. After that, we are deleted and newer characters invented. The only question that remains is whether we did something good for a stranger without any boundaries, any neglect and any hate. The rest is unknown, the good you did remains a story to tell someone else that will never be erased."

Some time many years ago, a group of people met and decided to go on a trip. A hiking trip.

They planned for a day when they were all free and met somewhere. After everything was in order, the group left. Some were talking, others were silent, some were singing and others were story telling. The scorching sun made them feel hungry, and so they decided to find a place under some cool shade where they would have their meal before continuing with their hiking.

Suddenly, they saw a shiny and glittering rock like substance on the way. They all surrounded the item and tried picking it up. It was too heavy. So they broke it into pieces and each of them took one. The story goes on and on and on, and soon their trip was over and each went his or her own way back home.

After some time, stories emerged from each place around the world about the mystery rock like substance that was found by the hikers. In one part of the earth, they believed that the item was sent by some supreme being who had control over the earth. They therefore formed their own beliefs which eventually split into different beliefs depending on the interpreters, and hence religion grew to date.

In another part of the world, they believed that the item was left by someone who found it so heavy to carry it along his journey. So he decided to abandon it as he had several others. However, this mystery man remains unknown and they are still trying to find out who he is. Hence, the scientists came into play. They have not, to date, identified the mystery man who left the item somewhere hidden. So many theories have tried proving this man's existence, but they all fail. Examples include Charles Darwin.

Still others thought about the stone, it's shape, and it's unique features. They have no belief that someone left it there or that some supreme and all powerful being could ever do such a thing. They believe that it has, was and will always be there. No need to finding any solution to it's mystery because they cannot change it. And thus, they came to be atheists. They are smart and understand that there are things man cannot change. They will always find it and leave it.

Some people in this same earth that we live in find that the stone-like substance does not matter in their lives. Whether it is there or not, nothing good or evil will ever happen. It's like pouring water into a river for them. They are not so many of them, but they are a happy people. Their communities will always be peaceful without the intervention of all the other groups. They are few and unknown, but they have a big heart and are a bit open though very rigid.

Lastly, we have those who found out the knowledge from the hikers, and to date still debate on the issue. They are the thinkers. They neither believe the stone theory was true or doubt it, but want to understand why it was there if it's true and what if it doesn't exist but happens to be a made up story. They are the likes of Plato, Euripides, Socrates, et cetera. They are those few people who are counted as being obsessed with philosophy and knowledge. They are very open minded to some extent before ignorance, disrespect and doubt faces them. But they are good and quite educative people.

Life thus was born from the few hikers into a world of different schools of thought. The hikers are not all known. Some disappeared with part of the item and were never heard from again. Their theories and beliefs died with them. Others went on sharing what they thought they knew, despite their contrasting ideas to those who didn't subscribe to their ideas. They forced them, colonized them and implanted to them what they thought was the light. The truth. They are the most dangerous people on earth.

Whether the hikers found the item, or made it up, no one knows. But life, life has a way of putting back things in place. Therefore, the mystery about life is as good as life itself.

And that is  A Short Story about Life

On the Question about Morals

Is there right or wrong, good or bad, a lie or the truth, right or wrong???

Questions about morality will never have an agreed response and will always be the cause of wars, trouble and death. Saying all that, death, wars and trouble have their good side too.

If a child grew up in a war-torn country such as Syria, killing won't be as bad as those in peaceful countries put it. If another grew up in a family where the parents lied all times, lies will be the right thing. It's just life that we do not understand.

That said, every man, woman and child on planet earth develops a conscience of what is good or bad, right or wrong, et cetera. Our conscience creates a big difference from one person to another and differs completely based on experience, age and intellect. We become similar to animals who share one common language but differ in ways of thinking. In the end, we come to judge one another based on our own standards which do not apply to the worlds of those outside it.

So wars become a part of us, man-made, corrupt and lying beggars are elected as leaders, man-made, education makes us rigid to change and adaptation and finally the human race becomes uncouth, unfriendly and not admirable. We sort out the trash to find those of similar mindset and make them our allies. Those of a different school of thought are only filling up the world.

Hence the question about morals is actually the question about our different schools of thought. There is no such thing as universal truth, as universal belief, as common good for all, et cetera. The only existing laws concerning the subjects mentioned above are for the satisfaction of individuals on the merits of others without their consent but only little mind control, otherwise stated as manipulation.
Common and universal are terms intended to make everyone think that equality exists while it doesn't. They are words intended to drive the whole world unanimously to doing something even if a few individuals feel it doesn't suit them. It is a way of driving people into someone's own benefits.

"Morals are never universal. They are different, from different people and will always differ. We should never judge or criticize anyone based on what they believe; they may be right in their own world and wrong on ours." ~ Unknown

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Mind Control: What Americans don't know!

Times have changed since the new black president took over power in the world's greatest superpower, the United States of America. Unlike John F Kennedy who was assassinated by the CIA and Mossad, president Obama is playing every rule of the game in accordance to those who direct him-his only way of survival.
America has faced so many difficulties both economically, socially and it's quest for world conquering through establishments such as Al Qaeda and ISIS. Things do not seem so good even for those eying for the presidential seat.
In 1776, George Washington and the founders of America such as Thomas Jefferson made victory by defeating the British and making their home a country. An independent country free from foreign power, free from intervention and it became known as the Home of the Brave. Every man, woman and child was as free as a bird, happy and very glad to have a home for once. However, the slaves still remained slaves for quite some time.
Seasons came, civil wars erupted, people died and so were the peace treaties that were meant to bind the people together. It was a stage of life that every young nation had to undergo.
Soon education became a foundation, a culture developed and the natural inhabitants, the red Indians were completely forgotten. That was over two centuries ago.
In the late 90's, the president of the time, Bill Clinton, in collusion with those who 'own' the US as well as the CIA and George H.W Bush decided to change the game of politics to suit them. They invented the Al Qaeda...but it was not much of a big deal to people at the time. It being a strategy to divert people's attention, some new successor was appointed at the time to take over power some time when no candidate was fit to be in the seat. 'Fit' to mean not ideal as the Americans were tired of lies, fake promises and poor leadership.
Barrack Hussein Obama was handpicked in the council to take over the seat. By that time, he had already got a lift into the senator's position.
Years went, everything happened as planned and he came into power. The Americans were fooled by one thing: ignorance and foolishness. Very few Americans do not believe what the media says, very few of them reason and very few are actually smart-statistically.
The new black president became an icon in all countries of the world. Well, almost all, considering the likes of Viet Nam and North Korea which did not care much.
He became like a god in human form. Like the ancient Greek gods who were only idols to be worshiped and feared. His fame made him to be a cult of personality in some countries, most of them being Africa due to the skin color. His vehicle became a symbol of the American power and was greatly admired everywhere (though Vladimir Putin's car is one of a kind as well).

But who is this guy, this icon so much admired?
Christians relate him to the Bible and the end of times. Most religions also have their own cults and beliefs of the same man.
His identity is unknown to most people, his sexual status is one question that remains unanswered, his links to Osama bin Laden is questionable, and so much more remains a mystery. Whether he is gay or not, whether Michelle Obama is a man or not, whether the kids are not theirs or not, it should never worry someone. What should worry the mind is what he plans to do after his term is over.
Is America doomed? Probably.
During 2016 New year's eve, the Roman Catholic pope gave a speech of encouragement to the world. He mentioned one thing that perhaps not everyone noted due to the excitement. He said that there is a very high chance of the world not celebrating another new year. What did he mean?
As of now, all that remains a mystery. But one thing stands straight, there is a very high chance of an event taking place in the coming time that no one of us knows except those who plan for it. Be it the CIA, be it Mossad, MI6, etc.
The US president is likely to extend his term in favor of the plans the mighty and high have for the state and the world. There is a probability of military rule in the near future. Everything is being put in place. If it's all a hoax, ask yourself this, how comes one person in leadership command so much attention, respect and fear in the whole world? Russia's Putin is as fearless as a tiger, he is as admirable as a new horse, but he does not command the same. North Korea's supreme leader is perhaps the most dangerous leader on the planet, but he does not command all that.
If history will repeat itself, then something hidden from us has not been revealed. if the Americans knew who they were selecting for presidency, they would have voted wisely. But politics brainwashes the masses and fools them to believing what they see and hear. Only time will tell.
The media will always play the role of a mother...controlling what we think, how we think and why we think the way w do. It will commandeer our speech day in day out. However, there is something they are trying to tell us impassively.
Just like the times of Stalin, Hitler and Ho chi Minh, our era is not spared from military rule, forced dictatorship in the words of democracy and threats to our lives.

"Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see," - Unknown

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