Tuesday, 26 April 2016

A Letter to the Human Race

To Humanity,

Times have changed since the beginning of time. Days, months and years are turning into prolonged periods of pain, agony, regret, deaths and more unnecessary havoc on our planet. What wrong have we done as men of our beautiful planet earth?

In the Beginning,
...there was the earth, formless, beautiful, full of life and every creature loved being on earth. Both man and beast lived as one until the betrayal that doomed humanity. The love once seen was lost. The world once happy and unanimous disappeared. Humans started war against fellow humans, against beast and against nature. The world started out in chaos just shortly after birth.

People were born from each corner, some tall, others short, some dark skinned, others light skinned, some fat, others slim and nature had its way. The slight error made in the beginning made our creator curse us, curse our life and make us slaves to our own ego. Despite all that, life had no way of stopping or even pausing for a moment, it made us adapt to the situation.

We learned to live as brother and sister despite our differences. We embraced harmony for a while, fought, made peace, fought and the circle still goes on.

During Growth,
As a young man makes errors while growing, so did man and beast repeat our own mistakes. We still have no love towards one another. We hurt other people but do not recognize the pain we cause them. We oppress the poor, we steal from the rich, we conspire to overthrow our own elected leaders, we kill in order to stay in power and most importantly, we make everyone regret the life they have on earth.

We started two world wars based on propaganda and ego. We killed for lust and not for unity. We embraced hate. We traveled to other countries to colonize them for their own resources instead of helping them grow. We lied to Africans by treating them as comrades and back stabbed them, yet we are the same people who preached love from the Holy book.

As life goes on, we realize the mistakes we made and learn from them. But instead of making them go away, we devised new ways of increasing oppression to the weak by controlling their governments in pretense of giving them aid. The weak grow weaker, the oppressed get more oppressed and the rich and wealthy gain more weight than an elephant. Are we still talking about man or beast?

Our best brains are in science labs creating biological weapons under international bodies so as to eliminate our opponents. Ebola, HIV, STD's, etc are good examples of modern day biological warfare. Some are in military camps developing nuclear and sophisticated weapons for "protection" against our own selves instead of our enemies. As if that is not all, we are lending the same deadly equipments to our enemies to help us fight those we cannot eliminate for the fear of starting another world war. "After all, they are "terrorists" and not our own blood."

But that is not enough. Wars will cause the whole world to know what is happening. The WHO, which will be discussed later, improves on its research to understand the weaknesses of man and to create one virus or bacteria that will wipe out the human race.

What is it we have brought upon ourselves that makes us so hard-hearted against our fellow men? Whether one is black, Jew, Russian, Chinese, American, Arab, we are all brothers. Whether i decide to kill my fellow men in defense of my religion, am still human. We are all brothers but we fail to realize that one simple thing. It does not cost a dime to embrace a stranger as a friend, and definitely it won't hurt to appreciate someone we do not know.

After Growth, 
As we move along, our ambitious and selfish lives bring us to one common pause. One thing that tries to bring us back to the path we once had. Decay.

The world we have created is faced with challenges that we never experienced before. We are faced with global warming, melting of ice caps, increase in water levels, prolonged drought and rainy seasons and an unpredictable weather pattern that we do not understand. We are faced with earthquakes in Asia, hurricanes in the US, drought in Africa, forest fires in Australia, and all this cannot be explained in detail.

We are increasing in knowledge but on what? Things we will in some years to come never understand why and how they happen. Is it our own doing? Yes! Man forgot that he was the center of creation. he forgot that he was to look after the earth as his home, and as the home of beast as well. He forgot that he had a responsibility on earth. But he was too greedy to realize that there's more to life than fighting for possessions, which we'll die and leave to someone who will not be grateful over the accomplishment he had.

Are we too rigid to know the difference between life and living? Are we too foolish to understand that living is something attainable but life needs unity? Are we too mean, too self centered to help a fellow brother or sister we do not know? If so, then life on earth is no longer with us. We are a living generation that do not know anything about life.

In the end, we will have a world full of disease, natural disasters, wars, pain, cries of lost sons and daughters, civil disputes, lies and conspiracies. Modern day slave trade through unions such as the World Bank, the IMF, the UN and our puppet governments will make us realize that life is so much different from living. Enlightenment and knowledge are two different things. We study for knowledge, but we attain enlightenment from knowledge well applied. We can either embrace our fellow men on earth and live as one or kill one another in search of our own self-centered ambitions which will end up tearing us down.

The life of man is more precious than silver and gold. It is more precious than that of something that we won't take with us to the grave. Should we therefore embrace the human race no matter how sinful or uncouth it is? Should we embrace a brother from another mother who lacks love? The best gift one can ever give to someone is the love he or she has without judging where they are from. It is the best gift a street kid will ever get from someone who shows appreciation. Money, cars, wealth, education, they will never offer anything close to that.

That said and thought of, what is more to the human race? Unity. We are fighting a battle we won't win if we are divided. If we stop funding crimes against humanity in terrorist groups such as ISIS and blame them, if we stop funding Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab and all mujahideen groups to fight against the human race, if we stop lying to the masses just because we are in government, if we stop creating biological weapons to kill the people in DRC for their gold, if we stop clinging to power despite our time elapsing, if we stop using laws to oppress those who are weak, if we stop exploiting the poor for their cheap labour, if we deny women the chance to go  to school, if we deny the young men from getting education,IF,,,then we'll have a better humanity.

The little things we do to strangers, to our own selves and to the world with passion and a clean heart will always change the life of someone else in one way that we'll never understand.

"Live for nothing, but die of something."

With Love,

Harakiri - Serj Tankian

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