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Mind Control: What Americans don't know!

Times have changed since the new black president took over power in the world's greatest superpower, the United States of America. Unlike John F Kennedy who was assassinated by the CIA and Mossad, president Obama is playing every rule of the game in accordance to those who direct him-his only way of survival.
America has faced so many difficulties both economically, socially and it's quest for world conquering through establishments such as Al Qaeda and ISIS. Things do not seem so good even for those eying for the presidential seat.
In 1776, George Washington and the founders of America such as Thomas Jefferson made victory by defeating the British and making their home a country. An independent country free from foreign power, free from intervention and it became known as the Home of the Brave. Every man, woman and child was as free as a bird, happy and very glad to have a home for once. However, the slaves still remained slaves for quite some time.
Seasons came, civil wars erupted, people died and so were the peace treaties that were meant to bind the people together. It was a stage of life that every young nation had to undergo.
Soon education became a foundation, a culture developed and the natural inhabitants, the red Indians were completely forgotten. That was over two centuries ago.
In the late 90's, the president of the time, Bill Clinton, in collusion with those who 'own' the US as well as the CIA and George H.W Bush decided to change the game of politics to suit them. They invented the Al Qaeda...but it was not much of a big deal to people at the time. It being a strategy to divert people's attention, some new successor was appointed at the time to take over power some time when no candidate was fit to be in the seat. 'Fit' to mean not ideal as the Americans were tired of lies, fake promises and poor leadership.
Barrack Hussein Obama was handpicked in the council to take over the seat. By that time, he had already got a lift into the senator's position.
Years went, everything happened as planned and he came into power. The Americans were fooled by one thing: ignorance and foolishness. Very few Americans do not believe what the media says, very few of them reason and very few are actually smart-statistically.
The new black president became an icon in all countries of the world. Well, almost all, considering the likes of Viet Nam and North Korea which did not care much.
He became like a god in human form. Like the ancient Greek gods who were only idols to be worshiped and feared. His fame made him to be a cult of personality in some countries, most of them being Africa due to the skin color. His vehicle became a symbol of the American power and was greatly admired everywhere (though Vladimir Putin's car is one of a kind as well).

But who is this guy, this icon so much admired?
Christians relate him to the Bible and the end of times. Most religions also have their own cults and beliefs of the same man.
His identity is unknown to most people, his sexual status is one question that remains unanswered, his links to Osama bin Laden is questionable, and so much more remains a mystery. Whether he is gay or not, whether Michelle Obama is a man or not, whether the kids are not theirs or not, it should never worry someone. What should worry the mind is what he plans to do after his term is over.
Is America doomed? Probably.
During 2016 New year's eve, the Roman Catholic pope gave a speech of encouragement to the world. He mentioned one thing that perhaps not everyone noted due to the excitement. He said that there is a very high chance of the world not celebrating another new year. What did he mean?
As of now, all that remains a mystery. But one thing stands straight, there is a very high chance of an event taking place in the coming time that no one of us knows except those who plan for it. Be it the CIA, be it Mossad, MI6, etc.
The US president is likely to extend his term in favor of the plans the mighty and high have for the state and the world. There is a probability of military rule in the near future. Everything is being put in place. If it's all a hoax, ask yourself this, how comes one person in leadership command so much attention, respect and fear in the whole world? Russia's Putin is as fearless as a tiger, he is as admirable as a new horse, but he does not command the same. North Korea's supreme leader is perhaps the most dangerous leader on the planet, but he does not command all that.
If history will repeat itself, then something hidden from us has not been revealed. if the Americans knew who they were selecting for presidency, they would have voted wisely. But politics brainwashes the masses and fools them to believing what they see and hear. Only time will tell.
The media will always play the role of a mother...controlling what we think, how we think and why we think the way w do. It will commandeer our speech day in day out. However, there is something they are trying to tell us impassively.
Just like the times of Stalin, Hitler and Ho chi Minh, our era is not spared from military rule, forced dictatorship in the words of democracy and threats to our lives.

"Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see," - Unknown


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