Friday, 29 April 2016

The Mystery of Life and Death

"I was brought to this earth over two decades ago. It was not my wish but i had to come anyway. I was somewhere much better, free from envy, false love, hate, lies and agony. That night, my earthly mother held me, full of blood, with a smile on her face. I was a blessing to her life as well as my father's. It became my birthday afterwards, but i've only had it once. Commemorations of the humans in remembrance of such a day only makes me wonder if they still will fit in the passage they came through, every year.

Three years later, my beloved father tragically passed away. My mum was so disappointed as i was, but i was too little to understand. Life had to move on.

Seven years later, my mum had to also follow my father. I don't know why but i think she was missing him. She had to let us all alone in this cruel world. Life had to go on.

Now am an adult, trying to narrate my story to the whole world, hoping someone will feel what am going through. I had siblings, but they also had their ways to make. I have seen the dark side of life, and my only way out is 'two for the road' or death. Why am i alone? Why am i on this earth with the pain and sadness always with me? I wish i was never born..."

There is one thing we all face in life, either one time or another, depending on our situations: disappointments. Is it normal for a car to break down? Yes. is it okay for a couple to quarrel at least once in their lifetime? Yes. Is it good for man to wage war on another? Yes. Is it good that we all need to die??? Uncertain.

  "Once we begin to grow, we start to die."

Death is one right of passage we all need to adore and appreciate. It means that we begin a life outside the physical world. In the ancient world, myths and legends were famous and they gave people hope in life. One such legend or myth was about a bird known as Phoenix. The myth has it that the bird lives for so many years. When it realizes that it's about to die, it flies to the tallest and highest mountain, makes a nest and dies.

The process of death to the phoenix is symbolized by its dead body, turning into ashes which  reincarnates itself back to a young and beautiful bird once again. The process of rebirth gives it more energy, more life and more hope. And therefore, the bird never truly dies, but changes from one form to another maintaining the same shape, beauty and size with time.

For man, death transforms him from spirit, to man and back to spirit in some unknown place we have no idea about. Theoretically because it has not been proven yet. therefore, to man, death is life and life is death. For us to understand the mysteries of life and death, we have to ask ourselves why women cry while giving birth. For us to understand more about the mysteries of life and death, we meed to know why people cry when we die.

We as humans, are always crying in both events because we understandeth not of what it means to us. We are so mean, always in want of the best for ourselves forgetting that life goes on. There is never death. People need to die so that they begin a life that we never understand. it is a stage where we move from one level to the next. It is actually growing up in life.

Do we therefore need to die? Yes. Maintaining one life state on earth forever would have been so boring...unless of course we are some supreme creatures amongst men. Disappointments will always be a part of the human life until we realize that there's more to life than what meets the eye. They will always transform us to better people.

Whether the governments around plan for our deaths, whether some 'terrorists' make explosives to take away our lives, whether we get accidents and pass away, it should not be a good reason for us to weep and cry our hearts out as much as we want to, it should provide us with understanding about the change we should always anticipate. Without death, there is no life; without life, we'll never have death. What matters is what we did while we still had our human forms, while we were still alive. Thats it. Thats all it is.

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