Saturday, 14 May 2016

War is Peace; Peace is War

"How do you generalize?

War is hell, but that's not the half of it, because war is mystery and terror and adventure and courage and discovery and holiness and pity and despair and longing and love. War is nasty; war is fun. War is thrilling; war is drudgery. War makes you a man; war makes you dead.

The truths are contradictory. It can be argued, for instance, that war is grotesque. But in truth war is also beauty. For all its horror, you can't help but gape at the awful majesty of combat. You stare out at tracer rounds unwinding through the dark like brilliant red ribbons. You crouch in ambush as a cool, impassive moon rises over the nighttime paddies. You admire the fluid symmetries of troops on the move, the great sheets of metal-fire streaming down from a gunship, the illumination rounds, the white phosphorus, the purply orange glow of napalm, the rocket's red glare. It's not pretty, exactly. It's astonishing. It fills the eye. It commands you. You hate it, yes, but your eyes do not. Like a killer forest fire, like cancer under a microscope, any battle or bombing raid or artillery barrage has the aesthetic purity of absolute moral indifference - a powerful, implacable beauty - and a true war story will tell the truth about this, though the truth is ugly.

To generalize about war is like generalizing about peace. Almost everything is true. Almost nothing is true. Though it's odd, you're never more alive than when you're almost dead. You recognize what's valuable. Freshly, as if for the first time, you love what's best in yourself and in the world, all that might be lost. At the hour of dusk you sit at your foxhole and look out on a wide river turning pinkish red, and at the mountains beyond, and although in the morning you must cross the river and go into the mountains and do terrible things and maybe die, even so, you find yourself studying the fine colors on the river, you feel wonder and awe at the setting of the sun, and you are filled with a hard, aching love for how the world could be and always should be, but now is not.

Mitchell Sanders was right. For the common soldier, at least, war has the feel - the spiritual texture - of a great ghostly fog, thick and permanent. There is no clarity. Everything swirls. The old rules are no longer binding, the old truths no longer true. Right spills over into wrong. Order blends into chaos, hate into love, ugliness into beauty, law into anarchy, civility into savagery. The vapors suck you in. You can't tell where you are, or why you're there, and the only certainty is absolute ambiguity.
In war you lose your sense of the definite, hence your sense of truth itself, and therefore it's safe to say that in a true war story nothing is absolutely true."

An excerpt from The Things They Carried by Tim O' Brien

Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Greatest Hoax: AIDS

 The Truth on Global Corruption

"If we knew how sausages were made, we would probably never eat it"

The world is one big place for man, and very small at the same time. We, humans, take credit for being the smartest creatures, as well as the dumbest when it comes to intellect and mind control. We are all sheep...with little brains.

Lets take an example. Assume a rich man owns the town you live, including every house, school, hospital and even county headquarters and the police. He is the man behind everything that happens in that little town. He has grown rich over the years and anyone who tries to stand against him ends up dead. Years go by and soon the masses realize his wicked schemes. They start moving out of the town to better places in search of much friendlier and economical lifestyle they have not. Soon, the rich man becomes poor as there's no income, no profit and no one to control. He ends up discouraged, heartbroken but needs to survive.

In order to do so, he devises a new mechanism to bring more profit within the shortest time possible using a simple technique that his role model, Adolf Hitler, used to win over the Germans before the second world war: mind control.

With the power he has within himself, he hires goons and thugs, and a couple of dishonorably discharged army rejects to attack the other towns, kill and injure people in the other towns. Soon enough, the masses come back to his town saying there's no security over the other place, and bow down to him. He raises the price of everything, but since they do not have a choice, they welcome his rules and call him a wise man. Ironically.

 The rich man in this case is not governments, but the UN. The people, us, the whole world except those behind the rich man's secrets. The goons and mercenaries, they are what we face in real life, in all manners, biological, chemical and physical warfare.

AIDS is one of the most successful weapon of mass destruction ever in existence. Some group of elite men who were running bankrupt thought of it as an idea, put up so much of their money, and in return, they are more wealthier than they were before. We will never know them but they do exist. In other words, every disease that kills more people and affects more than it should is a biological weapon designed to control their finance.

HIV was discovered in the 1980's or so, first among the gay people. It later spread to the rest of the world at a very fast rate, killing more people within a short time than any other disease. It was first discovered by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and later used and modified by the United Nation's WHO. The WHO centers made it possible by spreading it to the whole world in what they termed as 'recommended vaccination' to all countries in order to prevent future breakouts through immunization.

Everyone was in favor of immunization. No one wanted to get sick. But at the time, the rich men woning the CDC were running out of money. Polio was the only vaccination around and most people had got it already. Finances were scarce, there was a global financial crisis, everyone was getting sacked and companies had to close. People were again poor and desperate.

The CDC, in the midst of all this confusion, identified the HIV virus. It spread like wildfire. Governments across the developed world were forced to conform to this status and acknowledge the existence of a virus that had no backbone, no theory and definitely no medical procedures in order to conform to the rules of the UN. They had no choice. The WHO was on the necks of almost each country which had a sensible leader.

As time went by, Africa, the black man's land, got the virus. Poor Africans. They were slaves during the start of development and growth of Britain, Americas and even Asia. They were colonized and are still are to date, and they are still so blind and foolish into believing the white man's democracy. So, the Africans also got HIV. It spread so fast. Faster than anything that ever moves. From one family to another, friend to friend, soldier to civilian, bureaucrat to beggar, and even insane men and women got it. They died in huge numbers. South Africa and Nigeria were greatly affected.

The WHO and CDC got more funding to conduct more research on the virus. They spent years trying to solve it, and to date, with disappointment, nothing has been done. Three decades and counting.

They first used symptoms associated with TB, later came on as flu, STD's but it wasn't sufficient. Later on, they used CD-4 counts of blood cells, which clearly show nothing particularly sensible, in relation to other diseases such as TB. The cure??? It may be in existence, but the rich men who own the UN's WHO, the CDC and other medical companies do not approve of them. They tell the whole world that no cure exists.

But lets look at something interesting. WHO manipulated the data received for patients with the disease and made numerous publications, which saw the increase of government expenditures across the globe rise high, in favor of them and CDC, for more research. Scholarships were offered for those who admired the new virus and they went on to study it. With this statistics, India found out the truth behind it and decreased their funding. WHO then, mysteriously, fixed the numbers to appear more realistic, which made India the biggest fool.

The UN does a lot of research based on assumptions and estimations, which are likely to be misguiding if not well researched somewhere else. With that in mind, it is possible to know why the WHO needed to manipulate the data. HIV, which not necessarily leads to AIDS, became a plague that till date, controls the mind of so many people.

  To win the masses, make them think what you want.

So the world has grown and accepted the presence of the virus, which has so many unknown definitions that have changed over the years, and the masses are completely unaware of what they know. If a kid has a pen, he grows knowing its a pen, lives knowing its a pen, and one day you call it a spoon, will it ever make sense? No. If HIV leads to AIDS, which may not necessarily be so, why does it have so many definitions? Why do scientists who conduct these researches agree on one term for it? Like the pen cannot be a spoon, HIV and AIDS cannot have multiple meanings and definitions yet people claim to know.

Knowledge is universal. If it is not common, then it becomes fake truth which in reality are lies.

However, that is not all.

A few years ago in Kenya, one lecturer at a certain renown university was so much disturbed by the HIV and AIDS theory that made him venture more into studying it. He furthered his education, wrote several papers disputing the universal knowledge that such a disease exists by nature, and 'found' the cure. He was later appointed as the director in one of the biggest government hospitals for a while and life went on smoothly until that fateful day.

The lecturer, in his hard work and quest for the truth, made a discovery. HIV was actually created as a virus, in order to wipe out humanity in some parts of the world, just like Ebola, Syphilis, and many other viruses that currently exist. He got a cure and started practicing it on some few willing patients.

Interestingly, most of those patients healed completely, that to date are negative. The government knew what was going on, and Hippocrates's oath at the time seemed to have been broken. The UN's WHO found out about the whole story before it went viral and had the man arrested for breaking the codes of conduct for professionals. They took away his equipments, suspended more research and funding, and had him in court. He was found guilty and sentenced to two years in prison.

Time elapsed, he came out and continued with his practice, illegally though. Again the WHO found out and had him arrested by his fellow Kenyan police and imprisoned for five years of forced hard labor. His medical licenses were revoked and he was never to be seen near any medical institutions. After the five years were over, he was placed under house arrest to date, with a police officer who guards him everyday. He has to sign out when leaving at the nearest police station and accompanied by an officer of the law.

Why? Why deny the world the light they see, no matter how little, in the quest for the truth? Simple. If we all knew the truth, the world would never have rich or poor men. It would never have beggars and thieves on the street. But it's just life. It will never be fair.

The HIV tests prove nothing as they vary from country to country, place to place and people doing it. They are all estimates of things that are not certain. There are many cases of wrong results. The WHO does not take blame for this because no one cares anymore after his/her known status. We are all mean to ourselves. The test kits are never accurate, they are meant to scare you, to make you stoop so low for what you are told, which may not even be true. They scare us, which is a good thing for mind control.

The world has been manipulated to contain our small ideas. We may not know what is happening but there's always a rich man behind every war, behind every disease, behind every lie, behind everything against our will. But the greatest of all, is the HIV theory that can never be proved and agreed upon by the same people we trust the most, doctors and scientists.

For more information, check out the following web pages:
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Monday, 2 May 2016

Sense and Nonsense

 Man's survival on planet earth has always revolved a number of affairs. However, one thing still remained and remains the center of it all: sense and nonsense.

If one kills, and it's right for him to, it makes sense at that particular time. For those religious and 'holy' enough, it will seem as not right and definitely nonsense. But is right always sensible and wrong nonsense? No. Right may be correct but not true, and definitely not sensible. Wrong may be true and sensible if there's a just cause. It's all sense and nonsense.

A man and a wife decided to have a kid. The kid grew up to be one beautiful girl at the time, and by the age of sixteen, she had so much pride, ego and a character that never matched her face. So the boys and a few men around the village sort to discipline her and make her see sense, according to them. They planned a fateful evening, captured her while on her way home and took her to one house in the hills. They then raped her in turns, all sixteen of them, took her body and dropped it by the roadside.

A Good Samaritan who knew her parents took her to a nearby hospital, called her parents and paid for her bills. The parents were destitute. A few days later, the girl realized that she was pregnant for a guy he didn't have an idea who it was. Years went on and her life changed. She was never married till her death sixteen years ago. Well, sixteen was her lucky number.

Let’s go back to her story. She grew up, with parents who did not guide her perhaps, and ended up getting something she perhaps deserved. The young men put sense into her in a non-sensible way. Was it right for them to do so? Maybe. We have no idea. Some will say yes, others will tend to differ. All differences will be based on sense and nonsense.

In life, we have family and we make friends outside. Everyone is a friend, we just don't talk to them. Apart from that, we use the same principle to create our friendship circles. We choose those we share similar principles with, who make so much sense to us, and discard those who are different. In other words, those who seem to be 'trash' to us. Later on, we claim to have found the best friends who turn out to be even worse than the ones who we chose to throw away.

Still the same principals apply in electing a leader, in selecting a car to buy, a phone, in choosing what to wear in public, et cetera. 

In the year 1913, an English Mathematician by the name Philip Edward Bertrand Jourdain introduced this example of the double liar's paradox. It went as shown in the image on the right hand side. With the two captions written on both sides of the card, it was difficult for the mind to process. It still brings conflict to date. Does it make sense or is it some nonsense from one crazy mathematician?

Similarly, our minds try to fathom between two alternatives before picking one which may not necessarily be true or in any way make sense to another.

Eating is good and healthy. I makes sense to eat as a human being. But eating all the time does not make sense, so it becomes nonsense. Just like the complexity of the statements above, so is eating one way to prove the two. 

In short, everything that makes sense is nonsense and everything that appears to be nonsense makes sense in one mysterious way. Similarly, everyone can be counted wise and at the same time seem foolish. On the other hand, why does it always seem that every top guy in class ends up being employed while the last one or middle guy ends up being creative? Because as we grow up, passing an exam and topping in class makes sense, which is short-lived until we come to face the real life and realize that passing does not make sense.

Either way, we as humans claim to be smarter than animals but in fact we are as foolish as sheep. We think we are better than others, some people even think that since they are leaders, everyone must and will bow down to them. It's just a question of what makes sense and what does not. In other words, if one can discern right from wrong, that does not mean he can tell sense from nonsense. 

It may just be like Joseph Heller's Catch-22 paradox where, pilots can get out of combat duty if they are psychologically unfit, but anyone who tries to get out of combat duty proves he is sane.

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