Wednesday, 11 October 2017

The Lie we Live

We are living in a time where lies will buy us liberty in whatever we believe in, as long as it does not contradict what we know. We all think we are right in our own eyes. We find everybody who opposes our ideas to be wrong no matter their race or color because we think we are smart, and that is our greatest mistake.

The basic needs of man (food, shelter, clothing) are now for sale. Without money, we can never live to see another day. Without a job, we have no money. Unemployment rates across the continent of Africa is on the rise, our country also affected. The little things that once were free are now owned by people who control our economy, our minds, our ideas and our beliefs.

We make them our gods in one way. A cult of personality they have created in our weak minds, all in the name of freedom of expression. We campaign for them, pray in their name, believe whatever nonsense they say and do whatever they ask. We believe they are always right, but is that the case? Why should we take to the streets because of some fellow who has never seen poverty? Why should we believe that whatever they say is right? What are we trying to teach the next generation about leadership and politics? Unless we are all mad men, certain things should never be portrayed by a generation that claims superiority over beast.

Man has created himself superior to God. He controls everything from our education to our life. Some people somewhere who "own" the world sat down and set rules for fellow humans. They came up with a curriculum that will decide whatever students learn in class, goods which should be in the market, programs and movies which are to be shown, technology that should be implemented and so on. With that in their control, governments were erected to decide what their citizens should do in accordance to these "owners".

Elections and politics had to be integrated to make this free man think he has a right in life, making him a victim to what he knows not. Hence he'll do anything for anyone who is a god to him as he thinks it's his opinion, expecting to bring change to his life. A simple minded man.

The powerful man gets into the government and changes everything he had initially aspired to do. He has a debt to those who "own" him. He fights to gain his own wealth so as to repay those who put him there. At the same time, he is to secure them with everything they request from him or else be replaced. This man sells his country's resources in return for wealth, riches and fame. So the simple minded man who thought had a right, returns to his poverty-stricken life and starts all over, ashamed of himself. And thus, his freedom is in his mind.

It is more easier to believe a lie than the truth they say, but truth is costly. The media makes us believe what they tell us. Politicians make us believe their word. Corporate organizations and international bodies make us believe what they advertise and fight for. Religion makes us believe there is God. Our minds make us believe we are right in our own ways.

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