Friday, 12 January 2018

5 Main Consequences of being Rich

Man, oh man!!

A wonderful creature he is, created or born or existed from something and is always going to be driven with two desires, sex and the desire to be great.

We all live in societies where being rich materially matters more than being smart. In other words, the more money you have in your life, the more proud you feel about yourself. All ambitions are accomplished, all dreams are valid and basically everything changes. But what are the consequences of being rich and wealthy, to being poor and living hand to mouth?

a) Family problems

Rich people are known to have the best lives so far, we all admire them. But they have one of the six major problems that the poor rarely have, family problems. Couples who have a lot of money always have problems either as man and wife, as parents and children or in the extended family. The kids are also rarely smart, no offense to you out there, but it's very true.

Of course most are not even religious, so they end up doing drugs, fighting over inheritance when the owner dies and even divorcing so publicly that their once admirers find them to be a disappointment. We have seen that a lot from celebrities. So, they are never a happy people per say.

b) Health problems

We have all been to a hospital at some point in our lives, some more than others definitely. Have you ever noticed that most people who go to big hospitals around the world are actually wealthy and prominent? Some even hire private doctors to tend to them in their private homes.

most of these fellows end up with cardiovascular diseases or cases that have tough words only doctors can pronounce them. They fear exposing it to the world because not even their money can save them at this point, thats why they hire private doctors. They definitely get the best medical care the poor cannot afford, but their diseases are way beyond their money. Sometimes one wonders why they can never cheat death :-)

c) Theft/hijacking/robbery

Who wouldn't wish to steal from a rich fellow? After all, he has so much money that could replace him anything he loses.

Being rich means being living next to your own graveyard. Everyone targets you, especially if you are a show off. In Asia, kidnapping a rich man's son or daughter can fetch you enough money to buy several houses. The ransom is enough for all your needs at once, for some time. That does not mean it is easy however, because they can hire enough security to storm and rob a bank. But if carefully planed and executed, it can be worth it.

d) Pride and fame = Enemies

To be rich means to have more pride than an average person and desiring fame and recognition everywhere you go. This means that you will need to have enemies. Need because your ego will bruise someone else's, and that creates enmity. Fellow wealthy friends may also be affected and thus plan for things that you only saw in movies.

In the recent past we have seen many attacked by supposedly armed robbers, who were sent by neighbors next door. The same neighbors they meet and talk and laugh. Cases of witchcraft have also been used on them by family and close friends.

e) Foolish/stupid ideas

Every rich person has a dream just like a normal fellow, only except that they are crazy and out of this world.

Some want to own cars that stand out in a crowd, driven by ego of course, others want to live on the moon, never worked out for them though, and some have no idea what to do.

This is an example.

A few crazy others find militias in Africa or Asia and start funding them, in return for power once they have accomplished their goals. It has happened before and still happens now. In this process, they come in contact with officials from governments whom they have constant deals and agreements in order to gain something in return.

For instance, newly elected presidents in every country have financiers who support their cause. These people regulate prices of items such as oil in countries without anyone knowing because they are behind the presidency. So Mr President is inclined to whatever choices they make in order to stay in power and at least make something worthwhile for themselves before they leave power. It happens in politics, it happens in religious organizations and even in the private sector, including the great United nations.

This in turn promotes corruption, racism, nepotism, wars and so much that happen in each country, that no one is brave enough to address without losing his head.

In conclusion, it is not bad to be rich but several consequences are a must in order to make one 'enjoy' his wealth. Some people actually have very good ideas when they have all that money, like helping needy children or the elderly or starting hospitals like Aga Khan or building institutions of learning or sponsoring the bright and needy, et cetera. It's just normal to have consequences...

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