Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Devil Conspiracy

Every theist on earth leans towards God and against the devil, whom is also known as Satan and Lucifer and many more names. But how sure are they of what they believe in? Is God honest?

Let us assume a scenario: Mr X is an inventor. He wants to create a device that can enable man to fly like a bird. He gets the tools he wants, works on it and it's done. But for him to know it works well, he needs someone to test it, obviously not himself. He finds a young man who has zeal for the experiment, we call him Z. D-day comes, they all set out to an open field, and Mr X together with his team strap it on Z. Mr X knows that the device has a 98% chance of failure, he does not trust the other 2%. Z knows it will work.

And so the experiment begins, Z goes up and up and starts maneuvering about, the crew are excited about their new invention, Mr X knows it will fail any moment because he knows nothing can be too good that fast. After 2 minutes, the device fails, burns in the air and Z is falling to the ground like a rock. He hits hard and dies. MR X is not surprised at all, he expected it. Was there any force acting against Z? Was their another inventor who shot him down? Obviously no.

Similar principle applies to the life of man. According to religious beliefs, a certain high powered supernatural being exists, who created the world and all we know. It's just a belief, no one can be absolutely right about it. This being claims to be all knowing, which means he has a plan for everything that works out. Not in any man's favor, but in his way. Whether man requests for change or not, he knows what will happen to him. This being is known as God, Allah and so many unique names.

Then comes a conspiracy of one other being, who is supposedly his rival, Satan. If God or Allah is all knowing, where does this devil/Satan come in? If we assume God is Mr X, then it means he wants whatever happens to happen.

We have wars, diseases, slavery, hate, racism, nepotism, lies and so much that happens on our world, all under his watch. It's not that he cannot do anything, but just like our Mr X, he plans for things to go according to his way. He kills when he has had enough of you in his show, he causes chaos and wars, and still some fellow continue believing in Him, hoping he will change his ways in his life.

But then, he does not want to be the bad one in a world where truth never exists, he creates an illusion, the devil. So anything bad becomes associated with this other being, whom is from darkness as he on the other hand is light. The Yin Yang theory. So grief and pain and suffering and wars and chaos all become associated with this devil, who strangely does or may not exist in truth.

If God is all knowing, if he plans for everything, why should we blame the devil who, if he exists, has no control over man? If this God is loving, why kill his own creatures? Why make them suffer yet he knows whom he is going to pick in the end times, according to religious fanatics? If this God claims to teach love, why can' he set an example?

Had we not had missionaries moving from continent to continent claiming to preach his word, the world would have been a better place for man to live according to his real nature. We would not have had colonization perhaps, or false prophets who fool people and take their livelihood. Such is not a God whom they preached, if he is as described in holy books. If this God was an honest God, he would have taken the blame to everything that happens in life and not point it to one devil who has no control, no plan and no idea of what the future holds.

Did God create Satan or man created him, that is the question.

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