Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Dear Mr. Pr3sident...

Dear Mr. President,

It’s an honor to write this epistle to the head of state of a country so far admired by many but despised by its own people.

With great pain, I greet you.

As far as life goes, am fine and content with the little I have. You have no idea how it is being a citizen of no status as you have never ever been in such a state before, considering your lavish and flamboyant lifestyle. I am writing in regards to the observed state of affairs of a country you run, with little to no wisdom.

It is clear that by far, corruption and personal accumulation of wealth is what drives you. By setting up people in favor of you in critical positions, you acquire strength enough to do whatever you wish for without any challenges. All this can be observed in the armed forces, in the finance ministry, in the revenue authority and in the judiciary, which are all key elements in any government. I can barely do nothing but speak my mind to the nation, hoping to pass a message to the masses, with a prayer in mind that they may have wisdom and understanding to see the reality.

I am deeply saddened by your support to imperialism to other nations which have nothing to do with our affairs. As far as security is concerned, it is their duty to protect our people and not ‘colonize’ others in the name of protecting our interests. It’s only a mad man who goes to fight in his neighbor’s house. Furthermore, your country is in turmoil as you cannot provide enough security for your own people, though we both know that you did it for the money provided by the same body which preaches peace. It would be a good idea to be honest to their families and those aspiring to join the armed forces and let them know that war is nothing but a continuation of politics with personal interests using wits.

Your nation is also facing famine, tribal rifts, uprising militias and much more that I cannot mention in length. All these require you to act upon directly and show a sign of concern, but the masses have very little faith in you and most find you to be a man of no stand. Despite the fact that those who put you in power want you to do everything in accordance to their plans, you should try and be a gentleman once in a while. It shows you are of great principles.

As a youth, we are also facing out challenges of unemployment. Despite my great academic record and an outstanding record in school, I am yet to find something to do. I have several business ideas but all require capital. All schemes initiated by the government you work with are tribal based and most of us are left out. Personally, I am tempted to join Al Shabaab, with the latest offer by Al Qaeda for my skills. If it was my wish, I would either select Al Qaeda, IS, Boko Haram or the Taliban, and come back to your country and cause great destruction both to civilians and the forces, but I still give you an opportunity to change, hoping it will not lead to that someday. I am not crazy, I am very disappointed by the way your security forces recruit people with passion in serving their country, which leads me to think of an alternative place for adventure.

Your leadership is also one that’s wanting. Apparently, your resume shows you are a learned man and a business man, but you are not a leader. Exceling in business is one thing, leading a country is another. So far, you have tried without any signs of disapproval. That, however, does not guarantee that people like you. I do not like you because you have no signs of even being my dad. I would’ve hated it if I knew you were my father. Anyway, you could try reading leadership books written by philosophers and also learn more from religious figures. You are completely green.

Your government is running like a public school, with notorious bullies all over in blue, thieves at the tower, liars in the main hall meeting every often, watchmen killing and raping other students and religious leaders scared to speak what the good Lord offered them to preach. Their numbers is sinking your country in debts and making ordinary citizens to pay for all your selfish lifestyles. Would it be wonderful if you tried for one year, to run your country with a few principles borrowed from the likes of Jose Mujica? Though am not sure if any of your staff will be willing to live under such circumstances.

I have so much in store but I bet your busy schedule will never allow you to recall everything that is said. I therefore wish you a nice day and hope that by next time, you’ll have changed a few issues at hand. That’s how children learn in school.

Thank you for giving me an ear today, tomorrow remains a day to talk more.

Yours Sincerely,
A young citizen

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