Saturday, 11 August 2018

The beauty of ugliness

How does it feel living in a society where the good has become bad, common sense very rare and honesty an expensive attribute?

Our country is being controlled by pests who pretend to be leaders, security officers and men of God. What annoys the most is that the whole nation knows about it but no one speaks about it because it has become a norm. A bug one would say that is sucking on a defenseless host.

The Kenya police service has been doing commendable job on the nation, but at the same time oppressing the weak and timid with blackmail and fear. Most people would do anything to avoid this people. Who seem to be coming up with new ways of "stealing" from civilian citizens. Their uncouth behavior is surely a reflection of a sad pathetic and disappointed life failures, which in most cases are self caused.

Would it be true to say that witchcraft is one of the reasons one would join the service? Or the ambition of being superior to others and belittling them for one's toughness? I would definitely agree with the few parents who disown their kids once they sign up. Any sensible person would think thrice before becoming a member of our security forces, unless he lacks ideals, a sense of belonging and a poor education.

There is definitely an exception, of a few men who act more mature than their egos.
The simple act of blackmailing someone or demanding for bribe, with everything right and not affecting the law, is a good sign of an egocentric, mean and inferiority complex-suffering fellow who can not offer any input to the society. The acts of crime will forever exist and the law will never bring any justice to man from the government to any private entity.
The curses that follow such people will always be witnessed in their sad lives, their poor performing children in schools, their broken homes and their high rates of alcohol consumption and drug abuse.

It sucks being Kenyan...

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