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The rich man who sold his shoes for torn socks

One chilly morning in the land of the Cafari's lived a wealthy young man by the name of Yanke. He started his life with inheritance from his father, who was not a local. His mother was still alive and despite her old age, maintained her beauty. She never relied on anyone for help and always supplied her produce both near and far. Yanke admired his mother so much and wished he was the modern Oedipus.

Time went by and the young man grew with wisdom and knowledge in looking after all her mother had. She taught him whatever he needed to know and hid those she deemed not fit to understand. Yanke was admired all over the land as he moved from place to place. Little did he know that his father's brothers and uncles still crept below his belly and tried taking all he worked hard for. All this while, he only had his brothers and sisters reaping all the benefits despite having a huge family that could benefit from the land.

Fifteen years later, his eldest son who ran most of his activities passed away.

The death of his first son, Yanketta, caused grief and so much pain. He was his favourite son. The funeral was attended by so many people, including his father's family members and the few people who had influence in his life.

He had to replace his first son.

The second son was strict and straight forward.  He had a mysterious life and no one dared challenge him. He controlled his father's activities as his own and made so many enemies during his period. He however managed to stabilize the people and the produce from the land, making it a success at the time. His only downside was that, just like his brother, he focused much on stealing the wealth he had from his father and sharing it with his family, leaving everyone else to fend for him or herself. His family ran all departments and owned almost every portion of land within their father's land.

Rumours got to his father, and enough evidence was submitted to prove he was guilty. Mr.Yanke was greatly disappointed by him and decided to take him off the seat and replaced him with Yanketta's far uncle, who was a very smart man.

Imo, the second son, failed terribly in distributing resources across the land such that everyone had a share. Yanketta also failed in doing so. Both Yanke's two elder sons caused hate and strife across the land, unknowingly.

The third son, Waim, was the best in his class. He could solve any problem without hesitating and knew how to handle affairs better than his elder brothers. He schooled in a different land, lived with different people and interacted with his great grandfather's friends, who taught him so much about leadership.

His period lasted only ten years at the farm before retiring to his home. Despite him trying to be equal in allocating resources all over the land, Yanke's influential relatives controlled him. He therefore did so much for his larger family, gave them almost all departments of the land to run and made them feel superior to others.

As Yanketta's death wish was to have his son take over leadership of the land, Waim had to do all he could to fulfil that, with the help of Imo. But there was a problem.

During Waim's reign, a man from a different area, whose father was once affiliated to Yanketta, decided to also follow his father's footsteps and try leading the land. He brought chaos, people fought for him, others made him a small god while his people made him their leader. This man, Agindo, was a powerful man.

He was next in line for leading the land.

Waim and Imo decided to confront him and make him understand. They made him an overseer, took him to places, made him wealthier but his people remained poor and destitute. He was in for himself.
When Yanke decided to appoint the next ruler, Yanketta's son, Yanketta junior as was referred, took the position. Agindo was denied in plain sight. He could not believe his father was that wicked. His mother gave birth to him at a time when Yanke had not planned for it. Apart from that, Agindo once tried taking the positon by force, after trying to overthrow Yanke's son, Imo.

This made him so angry that he never wanted to talk or listen to Yanke. He had contempt and spoke words that made his respect from the people questionable.

Yanketta junior took over the land and did one great mistake. He transferred most resources back to his family, grabbed more land from the poor, focused more on his personal endeavours and sold his land to Achin.

Now, Achin was never in good terms with Yanke's father, John Bull, and his uncle, Uncle Sam. He was a neighbour to Waim's friend, Napaj, but when Yanketta junior took over, he knew Achin would be his best friend in achieving more for himself and his family and less for the people of the land.

(to be continued…)

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  1. Hope the continuation is coming soon...and speaking of soon....i dont mean the "Christ's" soon����


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