Tuesday, 11 December 2018

The Paradox of Love and Time

We do not know anything…

We think.
We think and we find out.
We think we found out something.
We think we know we have found out something.

We do not think.
We know what we think.
We are sure of what we know we thought.
We are happy we know what we thought was something.

We no longer know.
We are hurt and know we no longer thought.
We become sad and have no more interest on what we thought we knew.

We do not think we knew anything.

The life of every human being revolves around two things: fame and love.

Fame makes everyone mad. The appetite for recognition in our endeavors brings out the real person in every human being. For that, each being will do whatever it takes for someone other than themselves to see and admit that they are good. Without that, we are nothing but useless beasts. Animals on the other hand do the same, from insects to buffaloes and even birds. We can overthrow governments with the interests of the masses as an excuse for our own gains, we can sing songs that make no sense, we can do embarrassing stuff just to get the acknowledgement of other persons, because we are nothing without them. However, that still makes us incomplete and weakens our inner souls.

Love is what controls the world. Love makes us famous to one person who admires every little detail of our lives. Their attention matters to most things we think, and we do much for them, to them as long as they love us back.

And so, the young generation grows with time to youth with the prospects of love first. They learn from older friends, peers who think they know everything and movies. They hope to find perfect partners in an imperfect world, then create their ideal mates.

The young men and women find someone they match in ideas and go for all romantic adventures. They make the world revolve around them, showcase in public all the affection they have for each other and say words they have no idea what they mean. They are happy for the moment. But love has a funny way of speaking its mind. It uses time.

With time, love begins to fade and we discover someone better than those we thought we loved. We find our lives boring and so we build bridges where none existed. We make more time for the new people we meet and forget the ones we have because we need more praise for our ego and self esteem. Our old love is always going to be there as it is home to our hearts though the love we had for them faded. They become reliable only when we need them to be around us.

The young generation therefore discovers with time that falling in love is endless. That there is always someone better than the partners we have and will constantly fall in and out of love. The young man becomes of age and marries someone, mostly those they never really loved but at times have no choice over it. They live in families with less love and more fights and cheating. He grows sad deep inside and discovers that life is never about loving one person all his life. He thinks he knows more about life.

So, is there love really?

Can a lady and a guy love each other with complete honesty and be loyal all their lives? For some, they make their vows with sincerity and keep their word. The lucky few. For most, love will always be an ends to the means they always desired before getting bored and looking for more love elsewhere.
Love becomes therefore, something that can never maintain a constant shape and will always change with time. We love new people differently every day and keep the old love away. We think we figure out everything love is all about but with time, we still discover something we never knew before.

Love becomes a mystery for both young and old, rich and poor, and the more we figure out what it is, the more we get lost in our thoughts and feel worthless each time the worst hits us in pursuit of it.
And we know not what we thought we knew about love

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